31st Jan 2015 Connective Session: Stop Trying to learn

Good Day Angels of Light,

It was awesome to gather with all of you again last saturday.

We have invested our time to connect and appreciate the following concept: Stop Trying to learn

Life is not a school. We are here not to learn but to Create. The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew. Seek, therefore, not to find out Who You Are, seek to determine Who You Want to Be.

Life (as you call it) is an opportunity for you to know experientially what you already know conceptually. You need learn nothing to do this. You need merely remember what you already know, and act on it.

Your job on Earth, therefore, is not to learn (because you already know), but to remember Who You Are. And to remember who everyone else is.

Our life has nothing to do with self-discovery. And we have nothing to learn. Stop looking all over the place for “the answers” – whatever they are – and start looking for the questions – the inquiries which are most important in our life- and give them answers.

Passionately Sharing,

Katherine Goh


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