2018 Crystals Formation 开光 Ritual Requirements

2018 Formation 开光 Ritual, each formation requires :

1) 1 pc x RED Altar Cloth as base (You can re-use your old formation cloth provided it is wash and fresh prior placement). 

2018 is a Yang Earth Year. Fire creates Earth so just need to place your formation on a piece of CLEANSED Red Cloth. Fire energy is required to create Prosperity and Success matrix.

2) 3 x Red candles (creating the Physic and Balance core grids) 

3) 1 x White candle

4) 1 x Blue Candle- Kath will prepare this material for you

5) 3 x FR ( for cleansing) – This year a very very very cleansed area is required before placement!

6) 3 x Amber

7) 1x DB

8) 3 x PP

Note some people may require to burn down certain additional incenses depending on your Bazi. Will advise upon formation collection.

Pls do not ask Kath for candles or incenses. Katherine will specially prepare 1 x 6″ blue candle for your Formation 开光 ritual only. The rest of the materials, please kindly self-prepare.

The next ordering of items in January 2018 for January 2019 collection.

For Formation 开光 2018 only:

Older version of white candles IS ACCEPTABLE

Older version Blue candle IS ACCEPTABLE

Older version Red candle IS ACCEPTABLE



Katherine Goh