Union- 相守 ~ Connecting with self

My first Intuitive Art Piece using multiple medium.

Union- 相守

Abstract art is the language of expression.
Expression of freedom, love and my inner feelings.

Using multiple medium creates various textures and I feel that abstract art emphasis on composition. Deliberate brush strokes are also of importance. Different angles display different aspect of my thoughts and feelings inside of me.

One thing I realised is that I can only know what I am drawing after I am completely satisfied. Flow and letting go of everything at the point of drawing is so important. And the after feelings of realisation of my inner self is humbling.

I am blessed.

From this angle of the artwork (below), seems to show the hugging and snuggling of 2 dogs. The love of animals and All that Is!

If you look at this angle of the artwork (below), embracing the darkness within us is an important part of our spiritual journey.

From this angle of the artwork (below) seem to show 2 hands intertwined, like a mudra i do when I am in meditation.

From this angle of the artwork (below), display a charging cheetah…. Strength to move forward in our daily lives comes from within each of us. Look within for our inner strength. Stop searching outside of us.