2016 Bintan Yasin Recharge Weekend

A weekend retreat at Bintan with some nine beautiful spiritual souls.


Following a 60-minute ferry ride from Tanah Merah, we arrived at Bintan Ferry Terminal. Our driver from the resort who would drive us there. The car ride was a 45 minutes along roads that seemed well-maintained, flanked by greenery on both sides.

When we reached, we are welcomed by the nature. The warm sea breeze and the sound of the ocean.

Bintan Yasin Recharge Trip from Katherine Goh

Bintan Yasin Weekend Recharge from Katherine Goh

Our Recharged Menu

    • Primordial Breath work with 7 gestures
    • Sound Therapy by Metal Singing Bowl and Tuning Fork 
    • Cleansing Ceremony 

Going With the Flow – Downloading Personal Gestures

Bintan Yasin Weekend Recharge Trip (15-17th April 2016) from Katherine Goh 

The 11 Steps 7 Primodial Gestures

The 11 steps 7 primordial gestures from Katherine Goh

Finally…. another selfie at the Bintan Ferry Terminal before we bid goodbye.


Namaste ! Till we meet again.