Organic Blue Angel Powder (5g)

Type: Natural ~ Edible ~ Halal ~ Kosher ~ Vegan ~ Soy Free ~ Nut Free ~ Dairy Free

Spirulina is green…so how did this get blue? Spirulina is composed of both green and blue pigments. The blue, phycocyanin, has been isolated and extracted, resulting in blue spirulina. I have added in Blue Chalcedony and Blue Sapphire fine crystallised powder infused with Flower of Life Symbols in these charged edible powder.

If you love to bake and are careful to use ONLY 100% natural ingredients, this natural colouring powder is just for you.  Note that the product is also vegan, gluten free, nut free, dairy free and  no hydrogenated oils.

How To Use:
Add 1g of coloring powder to 4ml (3/4 tsp) water, stir until the powder is completely dissolved. Add to cakes, icings, fondants or using an airbrush to apply. You can also brush on gum paste or fondant. You can also add into your coffee, latte , tea , milk, smoothie, cocktails etc…but PLS DO NOT ADD INTO ANY ALCOHOL CONTAIN BEVERAGES.

Each pack contains 5g of our precious Handmade with Love Blue Angel Powder.