2023 Sacred Ritual

Sacred Ritual

Draw sacredness into your life whenever you need it with simple intentional rituals. Curated by Katherine.G

Katherine.G is a big believer in rituals. Rituals, whether experienced alone or communally, can help us process change psychologically.

Every moon cycle gives us an opportunity to acknowledge and move with the natural changes of our lives: new moons are times for setting intentions and making plans, and full moons are times for saying goodbye and letting go. In both moon cycles, moon rituals are done together with our cleansing for the crystal formation bowls.

The Re-alignment – Spiritual Nourishment through sacred rituals

In my experience and in my research, we find moments of depth and of deep connection in all our sacred rituals. And what I’m really interested in is, how can we take those moments and add a little bit of reflection to them so that they become the kind of foundations of our spiritual lives? A moment of Re-Alignment for our Soul and Spirit. We can find spiritual nourishment in just about our daily activities if we are life-sensitive, knowing that every bits can be ritualistic and gives us nourishment.

Much Love, Katherine.G