Connective Session: Soulvana (GS)

FULFILLMENTS is a vital step in designing your dream lifestyle.

And it all points back to one question:


“What is the main purpose of your life?”


In other words, what is it that drives you every single day?

And this goes way beyond money, of course.

Because once we’ve figured out how to survive and take care of our most basic physical requirements… like food and shelter… we look for a purpose.

When you can identify what your main purpose is, and then live your life to achieve that purpose, it’s probably the most amazing feeling ever!

That’s why my approach to helping you become a successful investor of your life starts at this level.

You see, when you have a real target/LIFE GOALS to shoot for… a purpose to achieve… your motivation to achieve that goes through the roof.

This motivation to reach your life’s purpose is usually even stronger than the desire for money.

That’s the power of FULFILLMENT in our lives.

If you haven’t yet felt that feeling that comes when you know you’re achieving your life’s purpose… you’re in for an incredible treat!

So you may want to spend some time over the next day or two pondering that question and answering it for yourself…

“What is the main purpose of your life?”

And get ready for an eye-opening Soulvana Session with Katherine Goh in covering this topic in our next Soulvana Session!!!

To your success…

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