House Audit


Dear HomeOwners,

A complete property audit includes analysis done under the 8 Aspirations, 8 Mansions & Flying Star formulas of Feng Shui. Katherine will also includes analysis done under 8 Mansions formula and Four Pillars Destiny (Bazi) to identify (auspicious) & bad (inauspicious) directions for occupants.

Katherine Lineage: 8 Aspirations, 8 Mansions , Flying Star formulas , Four Pillars Destiny, 5 Elements 8 Aspirations systems.

Your Consultation includes:

  • Full Feng Shui Audit of your home/office. The full analysis will be explained to you on the same day on how we can use Feng Shui to change your luck and minimize any “Sha Qi”on the owner of the property – 3rd / 4th Site Visit only
  • A Feng Shui Report of Katherine’s findings, cures and remedies will be emailed to the owner for his/her future reference.
  • Recommendations for remedying or minimizing any potential Health and Wealth problem on the owner diagnosed
  • Selection of auspicious dates for renovation (动土吉日), moving-in (入火吉日) and Feng Shui implementations (风水布局) (if required)
  • Advice on furniture/office layout (if required)
  • How to enhance Period 8 Water Position? (八运水位)
  • How to enhance the Wealth Area? (财位)
  • Wen Chang Position (文昌位) (plays an important role in affecting one’s career or academic studies)
  • Diagnose any potential threat or area that will cause Health and Wealth problem in the premise
  • Advice on the importance of the stove position and location in an auspicious direction (The Kitchen is an extremely important home position in the perspective of Geomancy)
  • Feng Shui Annual Star 2016 (流 年飞星讲解)
  • Feng Shui Colour Guide/Tips (家居颜色)
  • Feng Shui Bagua – Missing areas (缺角)

What Katherine Goh requires:

(1) Name and Birth data of all family members staying together in the same apartment

Full name in Chinese and English
Birth Date: (as per birth certificate)
Time of birth: (as per birth certificate)
Country of birth

(2) Floor Plan of your property

(3) Full address with postal code

(4) Date of moving into the house (existing house owner)