Black Salt

This year my black salt will be also gourmet salt. Solar evaporated sea salt from the Hawaiian island of Molokai “coated” with my charges activated coconut-shell charcoal. This is a Black Lava salt or Hawaiian Black salt. Black lava salt is black in color and is simply sea salt that is blended with activated charcoal. It has an earthy flavour and is used at the end of cooking as a finishing salt.

Whether you are making magic, seasoning your favourite dish or invoking Pele, or whatever you have in mind, you will find everything enhanced with this batch of wonderful black salt infused with our light symbol chant.

Black salt is a powerful ritual component used in removing jinxes and in keeping away evil forces or bad neighbors. It is commonly used to drive off unwanted guests, remove negative energy from your property, Protect you from outside influences, and prevent unwanted peoples and energies from returning. ​

Black salt differs from traditional blessed salt in that while it does protect the home and properties, it is mainly used to drive off entities and people.  This is more of an active type of protection then the straight up protective qualities of Blessed salt.  Please note use of Black Ritual Salt against entrenched powerful entities can be dangerous. ​

How to use Black salt depends on what end result you wish to attain:     
  • As a protection, sprinkle around your house in the same method as blessed salt.
  • To banish evil or remove negativity from your space, scatter a pinch in the space and vocalize or visualize the energy leaving.
  • To protect from unwanted people or influences, sprinkle some salt outside your doors while naming the person or entity you do not wish to visit your property. You should also name the reasons behind this for added power.
  • To remove a person from your home, carefully sprinkle some of the salt behind them, then sprinkle some salt outside of your main door.


  1. Removing Jinx
  2. Keeping away evil forces or bad neighbours
  3. Keeping malefactors away from you
  4. Removing any evil spells
  5. Banishments.