2018 Bali Retreat (A Sacred Journey) : I AM Awakening The DIVINE in me

What is a Sacred Journey?

To travel drives us towards great personal growth. It offers innumerable benefits, confirmed by science, for physical, mental and emotional health, however, a Sacred Journey provides us with even more profound and transforming benefits.

Sacred journeys create a profound transformation in our lives, activating our potential and tuning our soul to the divine purpose of existence. Since time immemorial, Bali has awakened an irresistible spiritual magnetism in the hearts and minds of millions of people with its incredible temples and cultures. KG Retreats facilitates a holistic approach to reconnecting to the deep richness of life, self-love and empowerment. Katherine believes wellness comes from within and radiates from the soul. Through a chakra focused practice, mindfulness meditations, spiritual healing sessions and sacred rituals immersions, Katherine wants you to experience a soulful journey that will lead you to a higher level of inspiration and transformation! Come and join Katherine in this specially concocted retreat for your soul.

Join us in our annual KG retreats…

Relax & let go
From the moment you step off the plane in Bali, you can feel yourself let go, relax and decompress. In Bali – where life is simpler and everything moves at a slower pace. Distance lends perspective and time to reflect gives rise to fresh insights. Isn’t it time to look at your life in a new way?

Are you ready for a personal retreat?
Face it, our lives are intense. We’re so focused on work and family and money and school and all the obligations and commitments that make up our lives. That’s all good, but it’s easy to lose our bearings (and maybe even ourselves) in all the hustle and bustle. 

Are you ready for a change?
From a change of pace to a change of scenery to a change of direction, it’s time! KG Bali Soul Retreat provides all that and more. In Bali you can step out of your old patterns, your old sense of self and old ways of being – and step into an entirely new experience of you.

Do you want something more than just a vacation?
When you take a break from your ordinary, day-to-day routine, you want more value from the experience than shopping your way. You are a multi-dimensional being and you’re ready to cultivate and develop. You’re ready for a KG Soul Retreat.

Experience the Presence!
Bali is a culture that recognizes the presence of Spirit in every aspect of the life of the individual and the community. For the Balinese, Spirit is everywhere and Bali is considered to be the Island of the Gods. Allowing yourself to open to and experience this Presence can be profoundly transformative at the deepest Soul levels.

Come and join Katherine in this specially concocted retreat for your soul. DON’T MISSED IT! 

Sacred Journey Information in a Glance

Retreat Period: 09th – 13th May (5 Days 4 Nights) – No Additional days available.

Our Spiritual Sacred Space (Space is charged with Dimensional Quantum Geometry Vibration)

Overlooking the Sea of Bali, nestled in tropical gardens and surrounded by nature, is our retreat space in Bali – a holistic and wellness sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate your physical, psychological and spiritual wellness. Experience the joy and pleasure of sustainable living in harmony with yourself and friends and with the world of nature.

Energy Exchange/Donation:

SGD 4600 Per Person (For 2 person Retreat)

SGD 4400 Per Person (For 3 person retreat)

SGD 4200 Per Person (For 4 person retreat)

SGD 4100 Per Person (For 5 Person retreat)

Full payment is required by 10th April 2018

Any registrations after 07th April will be subjected to 10% additional of the retreat fee and subject to approval.

Any registration after 28th April will be subjected to 15% additional of the retreat fee and subject to approval.

Any registration 7 days before retreat will be subjected to 20% additional of the retreat fee and subject to approval.

The Retreat Journey Includes:

  • Full Board Accommodation
  • 4 Nights in a Spiritual Charged Space with Daily Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Complimentary Drinking Water 
  • Spiritual Coordination by Katherine Goh
  • Wisdom Teaching by Katherine Goh
  • Meditations and Rituals with Katherine Goh
  • Mandatory tips (S$50 per person) to our caretaker team
  • Return Airport Transfers
  • Bath Essentials will be provided

The Retreat Journey DOES NOT include:

  • International flights
  • Travellers insurance

Retreat Journey Highlights:

The Awakening 

  1. From Cell to Soul –  Unleashing the Power of the Uncharted Heart
  2. Awakening the Heart-Brain Union
  3. MindSet Vs HeartSet
  4. Mind Mood Mastery

The Healing 

  1. The Spiritual Numeric “7” Vibratory Healing and Expansion: Seven Essence Mirrors and Seven Chakra Planes
  2. Meditations by the Sea, Under The Starry Night and At Sunrise and Sunset
  3. The Healing Circle Ceremonial Ritual
  4. Bio-Hacking Your Health

The Divine

  1. Sacred Sciences: The Third Key to Ascension
  2. The History of 3rd Density on Earth
  3. Shift of the Ages Ritual
  4. The Atlantean Mysteries – The Atlantis Ritual
  5. Inner Earth – Into the Hall of Records
  6. Inner Earth – The Alliance
  7. Lucid Dreaming The Waking World

Ritual Materials to bring:

  1. 7 – 10 White OR Purple Candles (Can be mixture of New and Used Candles)
  2. 1 Pack (10-12 sticks) each FR/ Amber/Kyphi /Love / Healing / SB / DB (Can be mixture of New and Used incenses)
  3. Cleansed Charged Tarot Deck 
  4. Cleansed Charged Oracle Deck
  5. Cleansed Charged Personal Tester
  6. 30g Charged Himalayan Salt 
  7. Charged Personal Life Force Stone (Optional)
  8. Charged Singing Bowl (Optional)
Our Sanctuary in the 5 days of retreat
Above information will be updated. Please check back for the latest updates regularly.
Namaste Om!