KG Intuitive Art

Intuitive Art is an easy system for connecting with your own higher wisdom to solve problems outside of your head. You get the perfect answers which keep you out of overwhelm. No art or intuitive experience necessary. It is like tarot reading , expressing our inner guidance through paintings instead of a deck of tarot cards.

Intuitive painting is a powerful intuitive, spiritual and creative practice. And like all practices it requires a fierce devotion. It’s designed to transform your relationship to your intuition. To devote yourself to hearing it. To truly listening to it.  To actually knowing when it’s speaking to you. To learning to tell the difference between your intuitive intelligence and your analytical/judging mind. And then to develop a solid allegiance to your intuition by following it and always doing exactly what it says.  No matter what.

Intuitive Creative painting is a practice to freeing your creative self.It is about trusting and not thinking. The thinking part comes later…