Recollection: A Journey of Questioning Life, Remembering Soul

Our 2019 retreat was held at Sanya, Hainan Island, China. Hainan is a beautiful sunny island with plentiful of sunshine all year round. The island is bustling with activities, so much to do yet so little time. For those who stayed behind for the retreat excursion would have enjoyed the 4D Show Performance, the hot spring herbal soak experience and the sunny tiring hike, etc… as much as Kath does. 

The City of Haikou….

Your soul is knocking on your door when you find yourself questioning your life purpose and wondering who you are. The SOUL is a magnificent intelligence and a guiding force. It knows you, your struggles, your beauty, your purpose, and your magnificence. The life plan designed by your soul’s intelligence has been created to serve your evolutionary growth. Although seemingly so, there are no mistakes. Step by step you are guided to opportunities in “realizing” you beyond the limits of the ego’s mind. Our core purpose for 2019 retreat is to allow us an opportunity to truly rememeber who we are, remember our Soul and be whole once again. We also noticed a vast improvment of our health minerals after the retreat. Kath calls this “Energy Medicine.” Every retreat is alike to Soul Nourishment, 2019 retreat is of course no difference to this vision. 

Spiritual Experience in essence means Our Daily living Experience. The spiritual journey is the journey of our everyday living. Everyone will reached the summit (终点)of the journey one day. There is no need to rush. Just take one step at a time.

Understanding that we are energy and how to work with suppressed emotion is key to our evolution in addition to vibrant health of our mind, body, and spirit. In the retreat, Kath offered the new template for 5D and the way forward. We also had a chance to experience the vibrations of moving from 3D to 4D. We invested our mornings for powerful breathwork and much, much more in the heart beat of mother earth. Let’s us be the Whisperers of Light and Love from this retreat onward.

Unlike the previous retreats, this year, Kath added in the option for excursion after our retreat. Below are some of the places we visited.

Afternoon sunny hike in forest

The Herbal Hot Spring in Sanya

A visit to Nanshan Temple with Vegetarian Lunch

A Famous Sanya 4D Performance Show with a visit to the zoo

Our Sacred Journey encompassed 2 themes : Questioning Life and Remembering Soul.

What was shared in Questioning Life sessions:-

  • Interconnectedness – The Rhythm of Life
  • Ancient Protection: Using Apotropaic Magic to Ward off Evil
  • Casting Your Protection Matrix 
  • Learning the Know-How to create a Protection Talisman
  • Beginner Know-How of Crystal Talisman or Amulets
  • Multi-Dimensional Awareness
  • The Mandala Effect – “Touch-based”

What was shared in Remembering Soul sessions:-

  • Soul Retreival
  • The 5D Template and Timeline

Recap of what we have experienced and learned in our 2019 retreat

Namaste ! Till we meet again.

Photos and Video Credits: Katherine Goh