A Stone to Stimulate Vitality and has Strong Protective Shield – The Fire Agate

Crystal: A Stone to Stimulate Vitality and has Strong Protective Shield – Fire Agate

Elements: Fire and Earth

Fire Agate is an amazing gemstone that channels the Fire Element which brings the supernatural powers of construction and destruction. This means you have the power to cleanse negative areas in your life and rebuild with positive principles. This stone is a firehouse of positive energy that works well with meditation and personal evolution. Fire Agate creates a strong vibration to your personal energies and acts as an amplifier for your deepest and strongest desires. Fire Agate makes you feel passionate, lustful, inspired, and creative on every level. You feel your sensual and erotic endeavors with vast feeling and emotion. Fire Agate is an exciting stone to work with that stimulates your own fire from within.

Fire Agate has a strong protective function, especially against ill-wishing. Building a protective shield around the body, it return harm back to its source so that the source understands the harm it is doing.

Fire Agate aids eyes, strengthening night vision and clearing vision at the inner, intuitive levels and outer physical levels. It resonates with the triple-burner meridian and can be applied to bring it back to balance.

Fire Agate is a clear, red, brown and white gemstone that looks like waves of fire within the gemstone. This fire agate is specially heat treated to bring out the color & crackle features of the gemstone.