Metal Incense

With a rich aroma that conjures to mind the raw nature and power of the elements, Metal Element stick incense is perfect for burning on your altar during your meditation and for your rituals.

Our Metal Incense possesses a light fragrance great for filling the home with a more lighthearted mood or for evoking the element in its own right. Handcrafted, and of the highest quality, our charcoal based incense sticks are perfect for filling your home with a pleasant aroma or including them in use with your spells and rituals.

In ritual, burn this incense upon your altar to help enhance and boost intellect and wisdom, or aid in blessings involving travel and communication. Metal Incense enhances Wisdom, Better Choices, Communication, And Blessing Before Travels.

This incense also designed to enhance your divination magick. The Metal incense sticks enrich the room in which they burn with an aroma that is perfect for aiding you in seeking out the state of mind that will help you see deeper and better understand what you see. While intended to be burned upon your altar with your ritual, they can also aid those wishing to be more insightful by burning them around the home.

Great for meditation and rituals involving divination and astral projection, this incense is wonderful for helping to open doors to hidden worlds.

Rituals/ Spells

  • Astral Projection Ritual / Inner World Outer World Ritual
  • Boost your Divination, useful for oracle or insights readings
  • Enhances Metal element in rituals
  • Insights or Deep State Meditation
  • Aid in Blessings in Travels
  • Aid in smooth Communication or public presentations
  • Enhances Wisdom
  • Aid in making better choices