Anubis Incense – Egyptian God of Funerals, Mummification, and Embalming

Bring the Egyptian God of Funerals and Embalming into your life with Anubis Incense.

Burn on a charcoal disc to invoke Anubis, and use in rituals involving The Afterlife, or Ancestral Worship. Anubis is an Egyptian God who opened the road to other worlds for the dead. Therefore, this incense is great for communications with different realms.  Burn to keep yourself free from corruption and conquer those who are corrupt. It is a great incense to burn for people working in casinos, gambling den, police forces, military, government ministries, law and justice related industries. Anubis incense is useful when attempting to contact spirits of those who have passed over or when justice is called for or needed. For this task, burn down 3 x Anubis incense and write your request on a piece of parchment. Place the parchment under the incenses and pray to convey your wishes, whilst burning the incenses, let the incenses burn down fully. This incense may be used in funerary rites to aid the passage of the dead.

Offerings to Anubis

Anubis’ sacred plant is the cypress, a tree that Greeks as well as the Egyptians associated with death and mourning. Cypress oil is a great offering, and burning it during ritual is very effective. He prefers strong incense, especially myrrh, cedarwood, and the traditional frankincense. Beer and bread is the standard offering to pretty much any Egyptian God, and He will accept it, but I’ve discovered that He likes strong liqueur, especially rum, much better. Cool water, the traditional Egyptian drink of the dead, is also a good libation. More than one modern Kemetic says He seems to likes spicy food and dark, bitter chocolate.

As a way-walker along the lines of Hekate and Hermes, He likes locks and keys. I’m told by a Kemetic that hematite, obsidian, and tiger’s eye are the stones He likes. His colors are black and gold, and in fact He is sometimes called The Black and Gold God. Since Sirius is His star, images of stars of other celestial phenomenon would be very appropriate. The number nine is possibly sacred to Him, as He was known for defeating the Nine Bows of Egypt.

But don’t forget to honour Him with Your actions. Honor the dead and your ancestors. Leave flowers on a stranger’s grave. Practice some kind of divination or magic, even if it is only privately. Support causes that help orphans and the homeless. Act as a guide to others in some way.