Mastery Series (Soul’vana) Schedule

KatherineGoh present the Mastery Series (Soul’vana) since 2007….       

Upcoming KatherineGoh Signatures Experiential Workshops   

Soul’vana is an integrative approach to helping individuals create a life they truly love. 

The only way to experience well-being is to turn inward. This is what Soulvana means – not up, not out, but in. The only way out is in. Soulvana are experiences of guiding our soul to nirvana. Nirvana is Turning Inward – a state of perfect quietude, freedom, highest happiness along with it being the liberation from samsara, the repeating cycle of birth, life and death. 

Come and join us in this transformation journey…to live each day fuller, to connect back to Source!

Connective Sessions 2023 (May be subjected to changes) 

2023 – Term 1 

Jan 08 / March 26 / 09 April  (Cancelled due to PG) / Apr 23 (*Updated) / May 14 / May 28 / June 11 / June 25/ Jul 9 / Jul 23 / Aug 13 / Aug 06


Dates in RED are CONFIRMED class schedules unless due to serious unforeseen circumstances. Changes are subjected to facilitator’s approval AND group’s voting. Please ensure you set aside time for your knowledge and soul expansion. Thank you.

Time (Timing are for reference only which may be subjected to changes):

  • 11.00 – 4.00pm or 4.00 – 9.00pm for weekend Classes (Timing will be informed accordingly)

2023 Program Fee

One-Time Investment:

$6900 for 10 sessions in 5 months (Fortnightly/Monthly session) – New Sign-ups!

$900 per session/class (For new sign-up trial class only) 

Installment Plan Available!

If you need to settle by way of 3 monthly instalments, the investment is $7590 for 10 sessions.

Special for Renewal Package (Strictly for IMMEDIATE RENEWALS only)

2023 Renewal Fee 

$4788 for 10 sessions for One-Time Settlement instead of $6900 (Savings: $2112!!!)

If by 3 monthly instalments, is $4988 for 10 sessions instead of $6900. (Savings: $1912!!!)

Month 01 – $1663

Month 02 – $1663

Month 03 – $1662

Online Program 

We all know that gathering together in post- covid era can be quite restrictive. Therefore, offering online learning is inevitable. Soulvana will be available online for Soulvanists who prefer online learning w.e.f Feb 2022 (after 15 years).  Dynamic Soul Alignment is still the main focus even for online sessions with the exception of Healing and Powerful Matrixes which can only be created for onsite gatherings. Rituals will be reduced; however, we may perform some rituals where it is possible for online session.

Each Online Alignment is 3hrs. Through Katherine’s powerful spiritual healing modality, we can clear and heal the negative karmic patterns through which we have created limitations for ourselves. Our online private session of up to 5 people will be a deep dive into the world of intuition, esoteric and spiritual. You will be immersed in the sacred love and light of the Angelic Realm; all the while learning practical and repeatable skills so that you can follow your own intuitive guidance, and create your life with intuition, intention and alignment. You will develop a deeper connection with the Source and your Intuition.

Special Online Course Fee (Energy Exchanged)

$3999 for 10 sessions in 5 months period for One-Time Settlement Only

Thank you for your trust and support to Kath’s work for the past 16 years. I am honored to create and serve humanity with all my services and creations.

Namaste! Much love.


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