Energy Pyramid Part 3

The Energy Pyramid is your powerhouse.

This Energy Pyramid is particularly strong and powerful and works very intensively. It removes blockages of any kind and invigorates and strengthens enormously. It helps you to calm down, relax and meditate. It also helps to improve concentration and enhances sensibility. Strong grounding energy.

Room recommendation: Study, living room, bedroom, office, perfect as a present for anyone and everyone who can keep the pyramid at work (yoga studio, facilities for alternative medicine, etc.).

Exterior Base of the Pyramid


  • Quartz points at the centre top 
  • Small Citrine nuggets
  • Obsidian crystals forming the base of the pyramid creating enormous grounding energy
  • Citrine at the exterior base of the pyramid 

Other Organic Compound

  • Archangel resins
  • Dragonblood Powder 


  • 24k gold Flakes
  • 100% Real Copper – All my Energy Pyramids enrich you with harmonized life energy. They are the perfect solution to a problem that affects us all – they protect against electromagnetic pollution! Whether WiFi radiation, cell phone radiation, chemtrails, radio masts … the list is long. They are the key to recurring harmony and balance.Thanks to its crystal and symbol compositions, each of my Pyramids has their unique specific capabilities.All contained crystals are energetically cleaned and recharged with positive life energy during a mediation ritual. Additionally, other energetic charging processes like sun/color light and symbolism are applied.