Stone of Transformation : The Charoite Stone

Charoite is a wonderful, spiritual stone teaching and guiding us on how to live in the “Now”. It is a stone of acceptance and insight. Charoite provides healing on all levels- physical, emotional and spiritual. Physically, Charoite removes/transmutes negativity and overcomes obsessive/compulsive behaviors. Emotionally, Charoite helps to face and release fear. Spiritually, this “Stone of Transformation” enhances past life visions, supports your life path, and grounds the Spiritual self into every day reality.

It is a stone of service and altruism, reminding us that Service to All is the realization of Connection to ALL. It opens the Heart so that love can clearly be seen and deeply felt. Meditating with Charoite will help to raise your vibration and hold you in a state of “no mind”. You may also see clearly, life lessons that were “self inflicted” in order that you may gain further insight into the experience. Placing Charoite on your Third Eye Chakra can also help to access knowledge during the dream state.

Charoite is a very rare, amazing and beautiful stone. The colors range from light to medium lavender, deep violet and lilac, to dark purples, with swirling patterns of Black Augite, transparent crystals of microcline Feldspar, orange and sometimes swirls of deep brown. This special charoite has strong angelic energies within. If you see closer, you may even notice the swirling of the angelic energies within.

Charoite is an incredible stone of the Violet Ray with an almost tangible movement of energy flowing in magnificent swirls and eddies of violet, lavender and purple. It is rare and complex, one of nature’s best dream stones and illuminators, allowing access to lessons learned in past lives, healing emotional fears to live in the present, and opening to spiritual guidance for the future.

This stone embodies a unique synthesis between the Crown and Heart Chakras, bringing high spiritual energy into union with unconditional love from the physical plane, and grounding it here on Earth where it is needed most. It is a Stone for This Age, assisting in the here and now…conveying the message that one is exactly where one should be during this moment. It is a talisman of acceptance and letting go; a “bestower of good,” encouraging service to humanity, and for attaining approval of the Self.

Charoite awakens one’s analytical abilities, providing precision scrutiny during the investigation of the unknown. This Stone of Transformation includes the movement from within this world to another.
It will also assist one in the actualization of visioning and second-site, known to bestow inner strength, courage, and the appropriate assertiveness when one is working in the psychic realm for rescue work or entity release, building the gifts of clairvoyance and prophecy.



Properties for Stone:

Element:Water / Air / Fire /Earth / Akasha

Colour: Lavender, Lilac, Purple, Violet, White

Earth Power: Receptive

Primary Chakra: Third Eye Chakra

Secondary Chakra:  Crown Chakra

Crystal System: Monoclinic

Chemical Composition: K(Na,Ca)11(Ba,Sr)Si18O46(OH,F)-nH2O Hydrated Potassium Sodium Calcium Barium Strontium Silicate Hydroxide Fluoride

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius , Scorpio , Virgo

Association: Jupiter & Neptune

Numerical Vibration: 7

Hardness: 5 Hardness

Issues and Ailments (Physical): Aches, Aches-and-Pains, Arthritis, Autism, Blood-Pressure, Detoxifying-the-Body, Gout, Headaches, High-Blood-Pressure, Insomnia, Kidneys, Liver, mental-clarity, Pancreas, Pneumonia, Regulate-Blood-Pressure

Issues and Ailments (Emotional): Dispel-Negativity, Unconditional-Love

Issues and Ailments (Spiritual): Clarity, Creativity, Insight, Synchronicity, Truth

Affirmation: I am present.