A Divine Sanctuary

Kath welcomes you to one of her Bali Spiritual Santuary. The drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali to our sanctuary is 2 hrs 45 mins with good traffic. Sometimes, this can go up to 3 hours 15 mins, though not very often. 

This beautiful villa in its breathtaking view nature, is located right at the beach front with magnificent views of the majestic Bali Sea. The villa nestles in the exclusive enclave area of Lovina.  There is a private pool and direct access to the beach. The villa is a private paradise for those who enjoy the laid back atmosphere of Bali.

This beautiful villa is designed with Balinese concepts in order to bring the atmosphere of the traditional Bali way of living right up to the doorsteps! You’ll be amazed by the breathtaking views surrounding the swimming pool, of course also including fabulous sunsets in the evenings. The Bale Bengong ( Balinese Pavilion ) is equipped with sunbeds for a nice and relaxing time.
The villa also has a massage lounge that is great for a relaxing body massage after a long day of our spiritual learning.

Kath is  confident you will absolutely love this beautiful villa.

 Kath & her balinese staff welcomes you to another of her spiritual abode – The Sun God Villa – A sacred space designed using the ancient wisdom of Dimensional Quantum Geometry, thus creating a very special sacred union of your Spirit with Sun God.          

Outdoor Pool

Katherine reserved this villa for in-depth rituals or ceremonies. Therefore, this year, we are blessed to be able to perform 3 in-depth rituals in this sacred space.

A very warm welcome to our 2018 Divine retreat home!


You want to know this beforehand

Power failure for  6-7 hours happens though it is not a norm. Well, this is a remote part of Bali.  A choir of cicadas, largely invisible during the day, breaks into song every evening as the sun begins to disappear.  Choir of roosters orchestra the morning wake up symphony everyday.  

This is then our 5 days sacred santuary.