The Birthstone of the Cosmos – Nebula Stone

Crystal : A rare Nebula Stone

Elements: Fire, Earth , Metal , Wood

Nebula stone is dark green and black and has many circular shapes in it. There is stromatolitic (fossilized algae) sedimentary material, and there is also some orbicular (round shapes) granites, and other igneous and metamorphic materials that form similar patterns and colours. Stromatolite is 2200 Million Year Old Black Ring patterned Fossil Algae stone in Green primordial matrix.

Nebula Stone is also called ‘The Birthstone of the Cosmos’ and holds a rare combination of Arfedsonite, Zircon, Calcite, Acmite, Anorthoclase, Riebeckite, Aegirine, Quartz, and many other minerals.

The stone is speckled with nebula-like formations of pale green eyes in a very dark green background. The white or lighter colored veining is a self-healed Quartz.

Why Would You Use Nebula Stone?

Nebula Stone will give you very unique and powerful energies. It combines the properties of its four major elements.

The Quartz component of this stone can be considered as its energizing force which will activate and amplify the other minerals that are present in it.

Quartz makes Nebula Stone very programmable so that anyone who carries or wears it can use it to achieve their personal and spiritual goals. Nebula stone will help bring spiritual light into your body and infuse you with this wonderful energy. This spiritual light will also ground you to earth and help you achieve an enhanced recognition. It will make you acknowledge that you are a spiritual being enjoying a physical experience in this world.