Water Incense

Designed to draw upon and possess the qualities of the element of Water, our Water incense makes a potent addition to any home or spell. When burned casually, it lends an aura of nurturing and healing to its environment. Upon the altar, this makes it a particularly helpful in empowering healing spells or spells seeking to inspire unconditional love and affection. Borrowing from the element, our Water incense also provides a boon to spells involving dreams and psychic power. Handcrafted, and of the highest quality, these charcoal based incense sticks are perfect for enhancing the atmosphere of your home or being included in use for your favorite spells and rituals.

The Water Incense is a wonderfully Lemon Citrus smelling incense which benefits from the magical scents of lotus flower, vanilla, lemon peel, myrrh resin, sandalwood and jasmine which are combined painstakingly with various herbs, woods, flowers and essential oils associated with the Water Element. 

Water Incense is used for meditation and psychic sight, as well as love spells. Our Water Incense is made of Jasmine and Jasmine blooms at night and is said to encourage prophetic dreams.

A Lunar incense, Water incense is especially appropriate for New Moon and Full Moon rituals. 

Spells / Rituals

  • Lunar Rituals , Spells and Meditations
  • Rituals that need water elements
  • Aid Unconditional Love Rituals
  • Rituals that are related to communication
  • Aid Lucid Dreaming
  • Sea Rituals
  • Aid Sleeping