Strengthening the Energy Grids

“And what is a man without energy? Nothing – nothing at all.”
– Mark Twain

Katherine has created Formation Grids in 2004. Tapping into the flow of crystals energies to create layers of shields aka grids. Using the combine knowledge of Bazi (Elemental Flow) , Cosmic, Earth and Human Energy Flows (天,地,人)为三合 forming several energetic flow patterns and trigram flow school of thought (八卦阵法门)therefore the birth of Katherine’s Crystals Formation grids.  The aura of a crystal formation created is simply an extension of a Being’s aura.

Your aura is simply an extension of you. When strong it acts as a protective shield. When fragile or damaged it can leave you drained, unwell and feeling disconnected from yourself.

Think of your aura as your own personal body guard (in the form of a giant bubble) that simply “flicks off” anything stressful, disturbing or potentially draining that you may be sensitive too.

I’m a firm believer in cleansing and nurturing/strengthening the aura for the overall integrity of our health and well being. Particularly, when many ancient cultures from around the world believe, that illness first starts with a weakness in our auric field.

Below is a table that shows the types of  charged incenses and candles that can be used to strengthen one’s energy grids both for physical body and your crystals formation’s grids.

Just burn down the respective candles and/or incenses, placing them in the center of your sacred space is sufficient to strengthen the embedded grids (if you have created) or at least able to strengthen the energy flow of your intents leveraging the energy grids from the charged incenses and candles.


Hope above helps anyone who is working on strengthening their grids.