2024~2026 Candles & Incenses


For 2024~2026 collection Incense/Candle price list: 

SGD 24.00 per pack of 12 sticks for Frankincense 

SGD 26.00 per pack of 12 sticks for Amber/Love/Prosperity/Dragonblood/Healing/Protection incenses

SGD 35.00 per pack of 12 sticks for Moon / Shambala

SGD 33.00 per pack of 12 sticks for Rue /Kyphi /OM

SGD 27.00 per pack of 2 charged colored candles

SGD 25.00 per pack of 2 charged White candles

SGD 26.00 per 60g Charged Black Salt 

SGD 26.00 per 30g Lodestone food 



Thank you for your continued support. We will continue to handmade our incenses and candles with love and blessings and ensure our quality is of the highest grade.

Categorization of Incenses

  • 1st Tier Incense : Elements, Deity, Anubis , Bast, Astral Projections, Divination, Enhanced Purification (Eg. White Sage Cedar), Communication with the realm of the dead(SH), Season Incense, Specific Ritual incenses, etc..
  • 2nd Tier Incense: Fine tuned directed love , Career , Health , Prosperity type of incenses, Guan Yin Compassion
  • 3rd Tier Incense: Kyphi, Rue, OM, Winter Solstice (WS)  NightQueen, Money Drawing, Luck, Banishing, Purification incenses
  • 4th Tier Incense: Moon , SB
  • 5th Tier Incense: Amber, Love, PP, PR, DB, Healing
  • 6th Tier Incense: FR, Sandalwood