Energy Pyramid

Psychic energy is not new. The ancient Chinese believed that man was linked to the eternal universe by a vital force which filled the cosmos. In India, they call the energy prana. In Chinese, it is called CHI. 

The special shape of the pyramid is like the special shape of a violin: A violin resonates sound; a pyramid resonates energy.

This is not your basic, average, run-of-the-mill, one note energy force. Pyramids supposedly preserve food from decay. Instead of rotting, food inside a pyramid dehydrates and mummifies and stays good enough to eat. Plants and seeds grown in a pyramid double in size. Some say pyramids can: polish tarnished metals, improve your sleep, tenderize your meat, cure your headaches, improve your sex life, speed the healing of your cuts and burns, improve your meditation, and keep the odor out of your cesspool. Or at least that’s what the pyramid experts claim. I am not sure if all above are true But i certainly love the shape of the pyramid and decides to make an Energy Pyramid using In/Out Energy flow method that i create based on my understanding and research on Energy.