Lodestones Art

The above picture shows a plate placed with 3 green lodestone , 7 Gold Lodestone and 2 baby natural lodestones, total of 12 lodestones altogether. 

A traditional stone used for Grounding, Protection and to keep in a cash drawer/register to draw in Money!! Raw magnetic lodestone, aka magnetite, specimens. Lodestone aligns the chakras and can be used for magnetic therapy. It attracts love, commitment, and loyalty with it’s magnetic force and helps overcome negative emotions.

Lodestone is natural magnetite, an iron ore that has magnetized by natural forces, most likely the intense electrical field associated with a nearby lightning strike. Lodestone can pick up iron filings, paper clips, even small nails. Lodestone is very weak when compared to man-made magnets

Please note, care needs to be used when handling lodestone. It should not be kept near electrical devices, credit cards, video tapes, etc and should never be allowed near a person with a pacemaker.


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