Natural Remedies: Aura & Chakras Balancing Workshop

What is Aura Healing, Aura Clearing and Aura Balancing and its BENEFITS?

Aura cleansing, aura clearing and aura balancing are all similar terms for aura healing. What is an aura and aura healing? Briefly the aura is the human energy field that surrounds the body.

Everything in the universe is composed of energy. This field of energy has been recognized by ancient cultures in the Far East for thousands of years. This field of energy has different names in different cultures. In Chinese Medicine it is called Wei Chi. Auyurvedic Medicine and yoga have very detailed descriptions of the aura and many methods for aura healing.

This field of energy is very subtle and can be seen by certain people. The aura consists of different layers and colors and the colors and shape of the aura can change depending on things like mental and emotional states. Some traditions believe that diseases will first show up in the aura before it manifests in the body. Aura healing, aura clearing, aura balancing and aura cleansing are all about bringing the aura back into balance and harmony.

Qigong Masters have many different methods for aura healing. They can project energy from their hands into the imbalance. They can also use sounds and use their mind and the clients mind to balance the aura. These are just a few of the techniques used in aura healing. There are many techniques from a myriad of traditions for aura healing including things like meditation, yoga postures and breath control.

The energy field of the body consists of many subtle energy points and lines of energy. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the body has many energetic channels called meridians in which chi or energy flows. There are hundreds of acupuncture points on the body that can be stimulated to assist the flow of energy along the meridians, which will affect the aura. Ayurvedic Medicine recognizes marma points that are similar to acupuncture points.

Yoga and other traditions believe that there are subtle energy points in the spine called charkas. Chakras are an interface between the physical body and consciousness and blocked energy flow can cause many problems. Chakras cleansing can help greatly.
Disturbances in the chakras will cause imbalance in the aura and again there are many techniques to balance the chakras for aura healing.

Come and join us in our group or individual Aura and Chakras healing. Experience the transformation within yourself.

Investment: $568.00 / Group Session 
$688.00 / Individual session (3.5hrs)
Duration: 3hrs for Group session
Group Size: 3-5 person

Please email us at to check out more information or to register for our next healing session.

More about our Facilitator
To know who is our facilitator, click the below link.

Katherine Goh


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