September 10 Connective Goal Setting Session: Self -Connection Part 2


We constantly seek a deeper experience of life, one way or the other. Whatever one may seek God, alcohol, meditation or any thing that one feels will provide relief, give pleasure or fulfillment you are only seeking to have a larger slice of life .

The intention is always the same, somehow to have a deeper experience, to extract a little more out of life, to find access to that which is not yet for you. The question is not of the intention as the intention is always the same; it is only of whether it works or not.

On the first part of our session, we were given two quotes to think about and to connect within ourselves. How these quotes relates to our very being.

“Time is fluid and flows backwards and forwards simultaneously”

“No longer being pushed by your past, instead being pulled by your unique destiny.”

I trust that we had very powerful realisations and appreciation on this.  😀

In the second part of our last session, we had the opportunity to have deep reflection on some questions we wanted to asked ourselves. We were blessed to have infused with new cords along the meditation, new templates and new soul programming.

Meditation helps you create a deeper understanding of yourself

The true self is buried deep in the psyche. On the level of daily consciousness, you are not your true self, but a reflection of the greater society: You are restrained from the understanding of your true self by the expectations of others, and by your own fears and doubts. In order to get beyond your idea of yourself and discover who you truly are, you need to go beyond everyday consciousness and into the deeper levels of consciousness available when you focus your mind in meditation.


The nature and basis of your experience is within you. Pain and pleasure, joy and misery, agony and ecstasy happen only within you. The very seat of your experience is within you. So why try to extract joy from outside? At best, the outside can provide a stimulus.

If you depend on the outside to bring joy to you, understand that the outside never happens a hundred per cent the way you want it. Those who think that there is something like an ideal situation are not in touch with reality. No situation or person will ever happen a hundred per cent the way you want it. But at least you should happen the way you want yourself to be. Then there would be no need for you to be in pursuit of your happiness. So the question is not of intention or direction, but of doing that which works.

Namaste Om.

See you all in our next session again.

With Love & Light,

Katherine Goh


Published by

Katherine Goh

Just a simple singaporean gal who loves simplicity and highly appreciates nature and beauty in life. I love travelling to unique places, trekking, white-water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, caving , snorkeling, sailing and am wanting very much to learn wind-surfing giving the opportunities too. I'm a lover of Nature and am passionate to share my travel-folio. So I created a "connection" on these pages. Occasionally, i will "lost somewhere", meditate and connect with Mother Earth. Trust me its a very very refreshing and connecting experience every time. Someone who continously searching for a place on earth that truely takes my breath away.

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