Wealth Circle Gathering : 10th May 2014 at 2pm

This is an add on wealth meditation scheduled on the 10th May @ 2pm.

I have decided to open this session to anyone who is fated to join me to create these two money crafts.

The wealth Map Grids is : 10: 5 : 2- 8 ”Money Making Day ”

This is a session not to be missed by anybody !!! It’s a money craft day. Join me !

Session 1 – Eliminating Personal Poverty
Session 2 – Money Bottle

You will need to bring: (other things we will prepare)

  • Purple Altar Cloth
  • Green Altar Cloth
  • 5 pieces 10 cents coins
  • 5 pieces $1.00 coins
  • 5 pieces 20 cents coins
  • Your own Charged Tarot Deck (Compulsory)

We will prepare: All other materials for the session.

As this is a money craft session, materials are required. Please prepare S$ 50.00 additional for usage for the 2 rituals.

If you would like to create 2 Eliminating Personal Poverty money craft, you can add on additional S$25.00. But you have to inform me 10 days before the session so we can prepare the materials for you.

Bring your mom along for this session. She will guarantee loves it ! 

Do invite your family,friends and colleagues to join us to share these wealth opportunities with people you care and love.

See you again on the 10th May 2014 wealth creation day.

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