12th Oct 2014 Connective Session: The Mirror Spread

In this class, we explored  a tarot spread layout – The Mirror Reflective Spread.

This is a fourteen card Tarot spread that looks at the internal and external part of the subject or events. We should read the 14  cards individually and proceed reading the 14 cards to one big picture of the reading.

The Mirror Spread of the Tarot is a very effective tool for gaining insight into problems or difficulties concerning relationships ; any form of relationships. For instance, relationship with self, romance partners, business partners etc…

Preparing to Lay Out the Mirror Spread

Each Tarot reader will have a different way of preparing for a reading. Some meditate, some just jump right in. Most will have a ritual of some kind, even if it only involves unwrapping the Tarot cards from their protective black cloth and spreading this cloth upon the reading surface.

For the Mirror Spread, both the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana should be shuffled together. There is no firm rule for shuffling these cards. Most Tarot readers simply shuffle until they are satisfied, and then proceed with the reading.  I usually advise people to shuffle their age to cleanse the existing energies of their deck before they proceed on a new question.While shuffling, it is important that you maintain absolute focus on the relationship in question.

Once shuffled, all seventy-eight Tarot cards should be spread face-down. Then making sure that each card is placed precisely. The more precise the placement, the more accurate the reading.

The Mirror Spread of the Tarot can reveal depths to a relationship, new or old, of which you may not have been aware. Remember that any major life decision should not be made solely based on what a Tarot spread may or may not indicate. However, the Mirror Spread can be used to gain additional insight/guidance when it is needed.

Till our next session.



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