Elemental Fengshui 2015

On 04 Feb 2015 11:58 hour we usher in the Year of Goat 乙未 年 which is the day of Spring commencement 立春. Year 2015 stem 天干 is 乙木 (阴 Yin Wood) and root 地支 未土 Goat itself is “dry earth”element which comprises sub-root elements of wood, earth and fire.


Day Master is Xin Metal, see chart above. So those born on or after 04 Feb 2015 11:58 hour belongs to the Zodiac sign of the Goat and before are Horse babies. From this Birth Configuration you will notice that the wood, fire and earth elements are pretty strong; metal and water elements are weak.

five elements

General Summary:

Earth Goat in a Wood Year. As the Wood Year destroys the Earth (see above Five Elements Chart), the Earth Goat is weakening , this is an inauspicious year.

Birth Element which will enjoy a favourable year: Strong Water, Weak Wood, Weak Fire

Birth Element which may have an unfavourable year: Weak Water, Strong Fire, Weak Earth


Animal Horoscope Forecast in 2015: (See above chart as summary)
Excellent – Rabbit, Horse, Pig
Not Good – Rat, Ox, Dog

Good Travel Direction in 2015:
Water – North
Wood – East/South-East

Elemental FengShui Guidelines for 2015

1) Economy Instability – One can envisage that the imbalance of the five elements represents instability of the World economy and changes are drastic. One of the noteworthy symbolism of Astrology sign “Goat” is the cohesiveness and team spirit. Quite often one can come across the following wording: “The creative side of the Wooden Goat; its diligence applied to hard work ensures prosperity”… Let’s agree words like these don’t leave any room for doubt when it comes to the future wellbeing.

2) Upsurging Environmental issues – Increased concern over agriculture problems like viral diseases from vegetable crops, deforestation, forest fires and so forth.

Have a prosperous and blessed 2015.




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