08th March 2015 Connective Session: Self-Improvement Meditation

Good day wisdom seekers,

It’s really a blessings that we could gathered together yesterday night to mediate and understand what are the areas of our life that required improvement.

We also had the chance to meditate on the subject: KARMA and allow the meditation energies to cleanse our negativity and bad karma and ground us simultaneously

Kat also shared that plants are not nerds and they do have feelings same as animals. And they do talked back. So thus such awareness reminds us that both vegetable and animal proteins are the same. We should be thankful for all the food we consume.

Kat also shared about UFO or extra-terrestrial which kat choose to term as our “ancestors”. Will share more on this subjects through our future sessions.

I trust we all had great conversations together to expand our thinking horizons keeps us more aware and sensitive to our internal and external space.

See you all again on 29th March.


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