Feng Shui 2013

2013 will be the year of the snake which starts on Lup Chun (Li Chun, 立春). Lup Chun is the first day of the spring. 2013 lup chun is at 00:31 on Feb. 4 2013, and 9 flying stars will relocate their locations from this day (Lup Chun). In order to bring wealth, prosperity and good health into your house(office) , you can start to re-arrange your feng shui products such as your crystal Formation to remedy the inauspicious energy and enhance the propitious Chi after this time.

Wealth Crystal Bowl

The following chart is the map of 2013 flying stars. It serves as the feng shui guide to arrange your home or office for 2013 year of the snake. The chart of the flying stars 2012 will be back to original position in the Bagua (Lo Shui Square). Therefore the energy of each star will be stronger than other times since they will be supported directly by their power source. The map divides the house (office) into 9 grids. South is on the top, North is on the bottom, East is on the left and West is on the right side of the map (It is the opposite of the regular map). This map tells you where a specific flying star will locate. You can use compass to find all the locations, and to arrange your home or office thus. For example, South part of your home or house will be auspicious flying star #9.

Flying Star Chart

In order to make your feng shui home or feng shui office, you need to know what the numbers in this chart of flying stars stand for and in which corner of your house/office they occupy. Details of flying stars 2013 are as followings:

1. East of the House:
East position of the house will be occupied by flying star #3 in 2013. Flying star #3, which is one of the inauspicious stars, causes arguments, damage, lawsuit, etc trouble. Furthermore, deadly bad star 3-killngs locates in East, too.

East in original Babua belongs to Zhen Gua, which represents the eldest son and males between ages 30 to 45 years old, or the Chinese zodiac Rabbit. Hence, the eldest son, males between ages 30 to 45 years old, or people who are Chinese Zodiac Rabbit might have higher chance to encounter the disagreement, quarrels and lawsuits in life. People whose main door is located in East should also pay extra attention to the forthcoming unfavorable energy.

Feng Shui Tips: Since #3 belongs to Wood element, we need to hang or display more red items in this area to dissolve this inauspicious star’s wood energy. Feng Shui Fire Ball, or Magic Wheel with Flaming Sword, or Ksitigarbha Fireball for Displaying , or Magic Fire Wheel with Metal Base are best fegn shui cures to lower this flying star #3 in this region. For people who have zodiac rabbit sign, it is better to carry one Ksitigarbha Fireball with you.

Crystal Tips: Place Fire Elements Crystals in this area will be beneficial. Crystals such as  Citrine or Clear Quartz are great.

As far as 3 Killings, keep away from this region – don’t do any construction and keep this area calm. In addition, don’t sit in this area for too long. The 3 Celestial Guardian Plaque or the 3 Chi Lin Charm for 3 Killings in East is the best feng shui cure to 3 killings. It is recommended to carry one Three Celestial Guardians Amulet Plaque with you if you sit in East location for a long time.

2. SouthWest of the House:
Flying Star #2 will fly to SouthWest position in 2013. Flying star #2 is known as the sickness inauspicious flying star that brings illness, disease, etc health problems.

SW in the original bagua represents the mother, female household, female over 45 years old, Chinese zodiac Sheep and zodiac Monkey. Therefore, flying star #2 will affect mostly to people who are in this category and the people whose main doors locates in SW of their house.

Feng Shui Tips: 2 Black belongs to Earth Element and it will be strong in 2013 since SW belongs to Earth element too. If your business door or office door locates in SW, pay attention to the health problems in 2013, especially the stomach illnesses, appendix problems, beriberi, back pain skin disease and etc problems. Hanging the 6-rod wind chime in SouthWest can dissolve some illness chi. In addition, one Brass Wu Lou in this location can help a lot since wu lou is one of the best cures to decrease sickness chi.

For those who were mothers, female households, female over 45 years old, and born in the year of zodiac Sheep, carrying one wu lou amulet with them all the time is recommended.

Crystal Tips: Place Metal Elements crystals in this area. Crystals such as Pyrite is good.

2013 is the year of the snake that will side offend the Chinese zodiac monkey. Therefore those people who were born in the year of zodiac Monkey will be affected a lot by this sickness star and it is necessary to carry one Grand Duke Appeaser Amulet and one Golden Medicine Buddha Script Amulet , which are able to ease the energy of discord that causes by Taisui star.

3. West of the House:
Besides two unfavorable locations East and Southwest, we need to watch out West corner too. West position of the house will be the region that the disaster flying star #7 locates. Flying star #7 is an ominous star that causes fighting, robbery, stealing, accidence, etc problems.

West in original bagua is Dui Gua that represents youngest female, or the third daughter or females under 15 years old, or zodiac rooster, etc. People who are zodiac Rooster or whose main doors locate in West should pay extra attention to the forthcoming unfavorable energy. Avoid arguing with others and patience will prevent you from being involved in further entanglements. Accidents and unexpected things will be easily happened since West also belongs to side of legendary White Tiger, which is the in command of killing energy of four seasons. Furthermore, some unexpected things may disturb your life of harmony.

This inauspicious flying star also represents stealing and losing. It may sound untenable to have the property lost all of a sudden. Nonetheless, the most common case is, according to our experience, that we may lose value in our stock market or housing market. Therefore, investing will be very careful. The star will always find certain way to release its energy.

Feng Shui Tips: Since both flying star #7 and West region both belong to Metal Element, the bad effects caused by this unfavorable star will be double and appear in a more manifest way in 2013, especially for those whose main door locates in the west. Display one Blue Rhino and Elephant with Water Urn or Water Fountain with Blue Rhino and Elephant in the west corner is the best feng shui remedy to this unfortunate star. For people who are zodiac Rooster, it is better to carry one Blue Rhino and Elephant Amulet with you.

Crystal Tips: Place Water elements crystals in this area. Crystal such as Blue Aventurine, Blue Agate, Lapis Lazuli are great enhancers for this area. 

4. South of the House:
South welcomes the auspicious flying star #9. #9 is the delighted star that signifies delight events, such as promotion, marriage and new start of enterprise, marriage and giving birth of new baby. South is Li Gua, which represents the middle-aged female, or the second daughter or females between 16 and 30 years old, or zodiac Horse, etc. As a result, people who were born in the zodiac sign of Horse, middle-aged female, or the second daughter or females between 16 and 30 years old, or have main door located in the south will benefit from promising energy of #9.

Feng Shui Tips: In order to booster this good energy, you can display one Horse Carrying Flaming Jewel of Victory since South, horse, red and #9 all belong to Fire element. Besides this, hanging one red scroll in this area can also activate the auspicious fire element.

Crystal Tip: Place Earth Elements Crystal in this area will be great.

5. North of the House:
Flying Star #1 will be locating in North position in 2013. Flying Star #1 is the promising flying star that brings bright prospect to further education, official ranking, prosperity and relationship. It can also help your business grow and career advance.

North in the original bagua symbolizes the second son, zodiac Rat, or the male between 15 and 30 years old. As a result, people who were born in the zodiac sign rat, second son, or the male between 15 and 30 years old might take advantage of this auspicious star.

If the main door of your house or office locates in North, you will benefit from this star in the coming year, especially for those people who are in the preceding categories that we mention.

Feng shui tips: Both of the Flying star #1 and North belong to Water element. Thus this auspicious star will be very strong this year. In order to usher the favorable energy that #1 will bring in, you need to activate this location by displaying one water fountain to boost its water element. One golden bar or Brass Ingots (metal produces water) will enhance its wealthy energy.

Crystal Tip: Place Wood Elements Crystal in this area will be great.

6. Northeast of the House:
The wealth star #8 will change to NE position in 2013. This auspicious star will bring you career luck and prosperity. If your main door locates in Northeast, you will have extra income in 2013. In the original Ba gua, Northeast belongs to Gen Gua that signifies the third son or the youngest son, or zodiac Ox or zodiac Tiger. Therefore flying star #8 will be a great benefit to those people whose main doors locate in NE, or people who are the in the categories of the third son, or the youngest son, or zodiac Ox or zodiac Tiger.

Feng Shui Tips: Since flying star #8 belongs to Earth element, you can use Money Tree with Crystal Base. Or you can use 8 Water Feature plus 8-coin charm to activate flying star #8. Those who were born in the year of the Ox or Tiger can carry the Rich Amulet with Red Tassel to increase more money luck.

Crystal Tip: Place Metal Elements Crystal in this area will be great.

7. Southeast of the House:
Flying Star #4 will fly to Southeast position in 2013. Flying star #4, which is the education star, is in charge of literary, exam, inspiration and recognition.

Southeast in original Bagua belongs to Xun Gua, which implies the eldest daughter, widow, female between ages 30 to 45 years old, and the Chinese zodiac dragon and snake. Therefore, people who are in these categories will have obvious advance in their education or improvement of learning experiences. For those whose main doors are in the Southeast side, their houses will also obtain good blessing energy from auspicious star.

Tai Sui (Grand Duke), nonetheless, would be in command of this region as well. To maximize the harmonious chi and ease the conflict, we need to cater Tai Sui instead of offending it. Avoid any new constructions in this location and keep this location quiet.

Feng Shui Tips: In order to booster this education star, display Wen Chang Pagoda or hang Wen Chang Education Amulet in this location. For zodiac Snake or Pig, or eldest daughter, widow, female between ages 30 to 45 years old, it is recommended to carry Grand Duke Appeaser Amulet or Tai Sui Amulet. In addition, display one Feng Shui Pi Yao in SE to favor the energy of Tai Sui. If your main door is falling in this location, it is also necessary to display one Tai Sui Plaque in this area.

8. NorthWest of the House:
Flying star #6 will control Northwest in 2013. Flying star #6 is the heaven star that is for career successful. Since it just moves out from the center, anything related to jobs will be much better than 2012.

NW region is Qian Gua in original Bagua whilst Qian Gua represents father, male household, males over 45 years old, Chinese zodiac Dog or zodiac Pig. Consequently these groups of people and people whose main doors locate in NW will benefit from this flying star.

However NW is the opposite side of where the Tai Sui locates. It means that one bad afflicting star Sui Po is in NW. In order not to offense to its energy, avoid any new constructions and keep this area calm.

Feng Shui Tips: The effective way to activate flying star #6 is to display the feng shui enhancers – 6 Metal Emperor Smooth Coins, or 6 Big Metal Emperor Smooth Coins or Set of 6 Heaven Prosperity Coins in this corner.

9. Center of the House:
Flying Star #5 will be in the center of the house or office in 2013. As the most deadly star, #5 will bring all kinds of bad luck, disasters, wealth loss and sickness.

Since flying star #5 possesses the most ominous energy, its destructive effects can’t be underestimated. It is better to keep its effects down before the disasters take place. Don’t put water fountain or something that can bring about active energy in this location. Avoid TV set or big red items, too. One 5 Element Pagoda or 5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life is the most powerful traditional feng shui antidote to cure flying star #5 in Feng Shui. If there is no room for displaying 5 element pagoda, you can hang one Double 5 Element Pagoda Keychain with Tree of Life in the center.

Overall of feng shui tips 2013:
In 2013 year of the snake, we need to pay special attention to East, SW and West of your house. Flying stars in these three regions will bring sickness, argument and loss of wealth. It is very important to display some feng shui cures and/or crystals in these 3 locations. South, North and NE are three good locations where you need to activate the good energy. Keep yourselves away from the places where the ominous stars locate and stay longer in the auspicious regions. Displaying something that creates motion (such as water fountain in North and in NE) is highly recommended. Finally keep SE, NW and center calm and peaceful. Don’t do any new construction in these 3 locations. 2013 year of the snake will be better than 2012 – at least less turmoil, fighting and conflict in the world.


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