February 2013 Connective Goal Setting Session – Rounding Up

Hello Goal-Setters,

It was a very interesting sessions we had together last month. We did the Oracle Readings rounding up our learning so far. We had guidance from the Universe and our Guarding Angels. Thank You.


Thoughts on Soul Mate

Past life loves are a mystery that can be unravelled with study. They can provide insight and answers concerning the life that you are living now. The same is true with love. Love is a mystery that needs to be unfolded. The examination of your past life loves will offer you the keys to understand your current love life and others that will occur in the future.

Why does it matter what past loves you had?

They affect your current relationships. Relationships can be difficult. Especially if you find yourself in unhappy ones while others around you see happy and fine. Past hurts and negative relationships can impact how you are looking at relationships today, especially if you are still holding on to those feelings. The subconscious is a powerful entity and it is there that your past lives are stored. Periodically, depending on your perception, a piece of your past life emerges. If you were hurt in another life time or hurt someone else that you loved, the consequences of these actions have ripple effect on your life. This is a principle of karma.

I trust that our Past Life healing rituals brings some light to you and you are guided.

We shall meet again on March 13th at 4pm moving onwards to our next level of learning.

With Love & Light

Katherine Goh

P/S: Our next session is schedule on March 13th at 4pm.


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Katherine Goh

Just a simple singaporean gal who loves simplicity and highly appreciates nature and beauty in life. I love travelling to unique places, trekking, white-water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, caving , snorkeling, sailing and am wanting very much to learn wind-surfing giving the opportunities too. I'm a lover of Nature and am passionate to share my travel-folio. So I created a "connection" on these pages. Occasionally, i will "lost somewhere", meditate and connect with Mother Earth. Trust me its a very very refreshing and connecting experience every time. Someone who continously searching for a place on earth that truely takes my breath away.

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