29th March 2015 Connective Session: We may not be alone!

When enough of us wake up, everyone wakes up.

Last class, I shared that we may not be alone in the universe, nor are we alone here on Planet Earth. The Earth has been visited by advanced interstellar civilisation that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light.

The universe is a vast and diversified place. Science believes that there is a strong probability that life may exist elsewhere in the universe, but until it can be verified, refuses to state it as fact. It is probable that the “source” of life did not disperse throughout the universe selectively, and therefore, if life exists on Earth, it must also exist on other worlds.

In my course of internet researched readings on this subject, i chanced upon an article “Scientific proof human race was created by aliens 2013 wrote about a group of researchers worked for 13 years at the Human Genome Project (Project completed in 2003) indicate that they made an astonishing scientific discovery: They believe so-called 97% non-coding sequences in human DNA is no less than genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms.  

Could some type of Extraterrestrial or Inter-dimensional ‘Intelligence’ be responsible for the minute,amazing Intricacies within the creation of our very DNA?

I personally believe this to be the case,whether you theorize that from the very beginning we were ultimately an experiment or some form of ‘Creation’ project or the possibility that along our primitive path of “evolution” back in antiquity we were genetically tampered and altered over time to our present form.

I think these theories are just as credible,believable and they deserve further study & inquiry from the scientific community. ( Humanity needs to think outside their comfortable “bubble” as a whole ) if not even more so,than comparative beliefs & theories.

I trust we had great exposure together , expanding our thinking horizons keeping us more aware and sensitive to our internal and external space.

Till our next sharing.


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Katherine Goh

Just a simple singaporean gal who loves simplicity and highly appreciates nature and beauty in life. I love travelling to unique places, trekking, white-water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, caving , snorkeling, sailing and am wanting very much to learn wind-surfing giving the opportunities too. I'm a lover of Nature and am passionate to share my travel-folio. So I created a "connection" on these pages. Occasionally, i will "lost somewhere", meditate and connect with Mother Earth. Trust me its a very very refreshing and connecting experience every time. Someone who continously searching for a place on earth that truely takes my breath away.

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