13th June 2015 Connective Session: The Creation Theory

This session we discussed The Creation Theory.

Creation Theory: The Creation Traditions and the “books”.

Note this is a story theory… There isn’t a need for you to agree or disagree. This is not Katherine’s objective for this session.

The purpose is for you to activate your thinking on this conversation and through our discussions expand your thoughts horizons.

The three parts of the wisdom of the whole universe.

1) Creation of Matter (地书 – Book of Earth) —- Book of Shadows

2) Creation of Universe (天书 – Book of Heaven) —— Book of Life

3) Creation of Life (人书 – Book of Human ) —–Book of the Dead- The Book of coming forth.

6 days of the creation story represent consecutive States in our spiritual rebirth and growth, the process that we call regeneration.

1) The first state, corresponding to the first day, is one of spiritual darkness, before our regeneration starts.

2) The second state, corresponding to the second day, is one of recognising that some things of faith and love come from the Universe while others come from ourselves. This enables us to separate worldly, external things from spiritual, internal things.

3) The third state is one of repentance, when we operate from internal motivation, but speak and act believing that these thoughts and actions come from ourselves.

4) The fourth state moves us forward to thinking and acting in faith and love because we feel we want to, rather than because we feel we ought to.

5)The fifth state is one of coming alive spiritually, when we recognize that the goodness and charity that flow from us are a consequence of the truth and faith we receive internally from the Universe.

6) Following on from this, the sixth state occurs when we realize and accept that the Universe Itself is the source of all love and wisdom that motivate us and guide us on our path back to home.

7) The seventh day, on which Universe rested, corresponds to the seventh state of regeneration, in which we rest in the peace and joy of allowing ourselves to be totally led by the Universe, knowing that IT will guide us through our present life on earth and our future life back home.

If we agree with this interpretation, we can accept both the scientifically calculated age of the earth AND the creation story in the book of Genesis as an allegory for the spiritual development, the regeneration, that we must undergo in order to live in “heaven” for eternity.

Till our next sharing…

Hugs, rainbows, and unicorns bearing gifts,

Katherine Goh
A Joyful Soul


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