2015 Tai Sui – The Grand Duke

Great General Yang Xian is the Tai Sui or Grand Duke of Sheep/Goat year 2015. 

A brief history of the great General Yang Xian (杨仙). 33BingShenf1

Zodiac : Goat

Conflict with Goat

Clashes with Cow

Causing hurt with Cow, Dog

Incompatible with Rat

Damaging with Dog

Yi Wei “Tai sui” was born during the Song Dynasty at Zi Qi (淄齐), Shandong. His name was Yang Xian (杨仙).

Yang Xian, when young had an interest in divine studies and viewed fame and status of the materialistic world as superficial. He led a hermit life style and liked to travel across mountains. Yang Xian was able to assimilate with wild animals such as the leopards and tigers and played along with them while at the mountains as though they were birds and chickens. In the state of Ying Zhou (郢州) ,Hebei, someone by the name of Zhu Si Hu was in admiration of Yang Xian and invited him to stay with him. Yang Xian stayed there for a few years.

Yang Xian had the ability to predict things accurately and his words were always short and precise.

One day, Yang Xian said after drinking wine that he was going to leave the world and so he died without suffering from any pain or sickness. When Zhu Si Hu returned home, he went to the mountain to open up Yang Xian’s grave but found that the body was not inside. He later constructed a monument by the side of the grave in memory of him.

Which Animal Signs are in Conflict with 2015 Grand Duke?

Year 2015 is the year of the yin wood earth Goat/Sheep year. People who are born in the following animal signs are in conflict with Tai-Sui – Goat/Sheep, Ox/Cow, Rat and Dog. To avoid offending the Tai Sui, people do “An Tai Sui Ritual” (Pacifying Tai Sui Ritual) on every 1st and 15th day of Chinese Lunar Calendar. It is believed that improvement of health, luck, wealth, prosperity, family safety and helpful mentors supports will be granted.

Unlike conventional thinking, conflicting with Annual Year Tai Sui is not as bad as one may think. It merely means “CHANGES” or “MOTIONS” in your life. Collision with the Year Tai Sui generally refers to your birth year at the opposite end 地支六冲 something like North Pole vs South Pole. In advanced calculations, the roots of a person’s bazi day, month and time of birth are used to explore further about the events that is going to unfold for that year.

Emotional Changes

Changes in emotion reflects relationships in your life. It can be marriage e.g. getting marry or breakup or divorce good or bad depends on your Bazi Birth Configuration.

Career Changes

This is quite easy to understand it can mean getting a nice promotion or got fired, again depends on your Bazi Profile. That makes having your Bazi Reading so important.

Family Changes

This may mean relocation or even migration.

Wealth Changes

The good news will be buying a new investment property and the bad news may mean that you are selling the property at a lost or even going bankrupt.

Health Changes

Your health may take a bad turn and you have to be mindful of accidents or injuries.

All in all no matter what changes, it is wise to keep your head low and keep a “cool” attitude when dealing with these changes

Recommended cures 

1) Since this is a year of “motion” 变动 for you, instead of discouraging it, encourage it ! Be Active! Take for instance go for a well deserved holidays with your loved ones, find something that is personal to you or your family and celebrate with your friends and relatives e.g. birthday if other joyful celebrations (marriage) are not possible. In Chinese classical wisdom there is this principle call 一喜挡三灾

2)Choose to get involve and attend jubilant celebrations as many as possible. You can rub some positive energies from people who are happy.

3) Avoid attending sad sad ceremonies if you can help it.

4) Since this is a year of Changes for you, try to make objective decisions based on logical reasons and not emotions. If you really wanted to make a major decision such as investment, career switch, start your business consider having a 2nd opinion (that are not in conflict with tai sui).

5) Wearing of personal talisman that improves your luck, this is the general guideline for respective Chinese astrology signs, however my advice is to consider checking with your bazi before going ahead. These are the compatible combo that act as partners to uplift your luck in dire times. I have also separated those born in the first half of the year from February to July and those born in the 2nd half from August to January. What i am trying to do here is based on my “best guess” of your favourable element using season as the parameter in the absence of Bazi Reading.

For those who are born in the first half of the year try to use gold or silver or white gold or steel as the substance choice. As for those born in the 2nd half use jade as the preferred material. If you feel there are improvements in your life kindly contribute some money to a Charity organisation of your choice.

6) If things are really not going your way, you may wish to do up your home feng shui or office feng shui. Sometimes it may be you make some wrong choices with your home placement and others and not because of Tai Sui. There are so many variables that influence one’s life and it is really impossible to cover all angles!

7) Do Charity work. For example provide financial aid to those needy that cannot afford funeral expenses.

8) Do a thorough health check on your body before the year commences i.e. 2nd half of January 2015. Send your car for check-up too to prevent accidents.

9) Donate blood 

10) Look into Year 2015 feng shui for your house


Elemental Fengshui 2015

On 04 Feb 2015 11:58 hour we usher in the Year of Goat 乙未 年 which is the day of Spring commencement 立春. Year 2015 stem 天干 is 乙木 (阴 Yin Wood) and root 地支 未土 Goat itself is “dry earth”element which comprises sub-root elements of wood, earth and fire.


Day Master is Xin Metal, see chart above. So those born on or after 04 Feb 2015 11:58 hour belongs to the Zodiac sign of the Goat and before are Horse babies. From this Birth Configuration you will notice that the wood, fire and earth elements are pretty strong; metal and water elements are weak.

five elements

General Summary:

Earth Goat in a Wood Year. As the Wood Year destroys the Earth (see above Five Elements Chart), the Earth Goat is weakening , this is an inauspicious year.

Birth Element which will enjoy a favourable year: Strong Water, Weak Wood, Weak Fire

Birth Element which may have an unfavourable year: Weak Water, Strong Fire, Weak Earth


Animal Horoscope Forecast in 2015: (See above chart as summary)
Excellent – Rabbit, Horse, Pig
Not Good – Rat, Ox, Dog

Good Travel Direction in 2015:
Water – North
Wood – East/South-East

Elemental FengShui Guidelines for 2015

1) Economy Instability – One can envisage that the imbalance of the five elements represents instability of the World economy and changes are drastic. One of the noteworthy symbolism of Astrology sign “Goat” is the cohesiveness and team spirit. Quite often one can come across the following wording: “The creative side of the Wooden Goat; its diligence applied to hard work ensures prosperity”… Let’s agree words like these don’t leave any room for doubt when it comes to the future wellbeing.

2) Upsurging Environmental issues – Increased concern over agriculture problems like viral diseases from vegetable crops, deforestation, forest fires and so forth.

Have a prosperous and blessed 2015.



The Chinese Timing

There is a time for everything’ – this ageless advice is mentioned and preached across all beliefs and faiths and cannot be more appropriate than to be applied to our daily lives.

Conventional choice of dates for everything, from moving homes to a wedding, calls for precise considerations besides good weather and convenient travel conditions.

Chinese wisdom holds that the beginning of an event is a crucial moment, which contains within it the seeds of what is to unfold. It pays to give attention to choose the right date to sign an agreement, negotiate a deal or propose to your future wife. The thin line between making money and losing out in the markets is largely all about timing.

Numerous systems of date selections have emerged from different cultures and practices.

One outstanding method makes use of the space and time dimension of calculating a perfect time and calls for the analysis of a person’s time of birth.

This widely respected method is still in use today and is based on the information of the Chinese Almanac. It derives that a person’s birth chart contains elements that either enhances or clashes with that of a chosen day.

The chinese timing are divided into 12 periods, each 2 hours long. The chinese day commence at 11 pm the night before. These are the corresponding time:

Chinese periods Hours
子(zi) 11pm to 1 am
丑(chou) 1am to 3 am
寅(yin) 3am to 5 am
卯(mao) 5am to 7am
辰(chen) 7am to 9am
巳(si) 9am to 11am
午(wu) 11am to 1pm
未(wei) 1pm to 3pm
申(shen) 3pm to 5pm
酉(you) 5pm to 7pm
戌(xu) 7pm to 9pm
亥(hai) 9pm to 11pm

Handcrafted Spiritual Incenses


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Fengshui Forecasts for 2014 of each horoscope

Attached the Fengshui Forecasts for 2014 of each horoscope.


In 2014, the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) starts on February 4, 2014; it is the feng shui year of the Wood Horse.

2014 is the year of Wood Horse, that begins on January 31st, (February 4th according to Chinese calendar) 2014 and ends on February 18th, 2015. It is 31st year within 60 year cycle, it is also called “Horse in the Cloud” or “Chia Wu” in traditional Chinese astrology.

Wood Horse in a Wood Horse year is in its own element. This Horse is quick to react in defense of those who can not fight for themselves. It can, however, bring unexpected conflicts, as Fire – Wood energies are very strong. 2014 is not a very peaceful year, because Earth Element, grounding base, is completely missing in a chart of this year. Every crystal formation must include lots of grounding energies.

The exceptionally successful months in 2014 are February and November.

I would highly recommend everyone to do more readings on…

2014 Flying Star Forecast
Five Elements Relationship – 2014 Elemental Fengshui
More about 2014 Tai Sui

Personal suggestion for those who are born in the worst and poor animal zodiac signs (see above chart), is most preferred that you have your crystal formation cleanse and re-grid to usher positive energies and re-alignment of your negative energies in 2014.

As for those whose animal zodiac signs are best, it is most preferred to have your formation for re-enhancement to tap into the good energies vibes from the universe.


Worst Zodiac Signs: Rat , Ox , Horse , Monkey (Highly recommended to create your own crystal formations)

Poor Zodiac Signs: Rabbit, Dragon,Snake, Rooster, Pig

Best: Tiger,Sheep,Dog

Must have crystal formation: Rat , Ox , Horse, Monkey <Overall Well-Being>
Enhance Wealth Grid: Rat, Ox, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Snake, Monkey
Enhance Health Grid: Health: Rat, Ox, Horse, Monkey
Enhance Luck/Career: Rat , Ox , Horse, Monkey
Enhance Relationship:Rat,Ox,Tiger,Rabbit,Dragon,Snake,Horse,Monkey,Rooster,Pig

For enquiries on our crystal formations, please email us at kathgoh@gmail.com

Five Elements Relationship – 2014 Elemental Fengshui

This is Element Relationships chart for a better understanding of how they interact to create harmony or chaos.

five elements

General Characteristics of the Elements.

Wood represents Benevolence. The element of wood corresponds to the fate, loveliness or nobleness, representing growth, blooming, flourishing etc.

Fire represents Propriety. The element of fire corresponds to the feature, strength, hardness or softness, represents power, influence, bravery and intensity.

Metal represents Righteousness. The element of metal corresponds to the lifespan, longevity as well as any dangers, difficulties or dead ends.

Water represents Wisdom. The element of the water corresponds to the talents, intelligence or absence of it, represents accuracy, specifics, etc.

Earth represents Fidelity and Honesty. The element of earth corresponds to the social status, material success (rich or poor), represents birth and growth of everything.

The five elements can be regarded as the symbols of the five planets, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire ,Earth corresponding to Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn.

2014 Elemental Fengshui

2014 is Male Wood Horse Year. The Male Wood is connected to a tall tree. A tree needs sunshine, Earth and Water to grow stronger and taller. Horse contains Fire and Earth. Horse of 2014 contains mainly Fire. Metal is afraid of Fire. Metal and Wood of 2014 are opposite elements; they have fighting relationship. Luckily, Horse contains Female Earth, which has attraction relationship with Wood of 2014 into Earth. Earth is the mother element of Metal. But the fortune of 2014 has almost no Metal. People need to pay attention to their respiratory system, because Metal is connected to lungs.

Water is not afraid of Fire. Fortunately, the Earth of Horse can protect Fire from attacking by Water. Also, Wood of 2014 makes Fire stronger. That means Water cannot win over the Fire in 2014. This creates elemental imbalance and means that in 2014, we might have to pay special attention to the kidneys and the urinary system, as they correspond to the Water element.

Fire is the child element of Wood. Mother Wood always helps child Fire to burn stronger. Wood does the giving without taking. But, eventually, Wood will burn into dust. That means, that year 2014 will bring some great opportunities at first, but then these opportunities will disappear. This also means that when we get any help or advice from others in 2014, we need to learn from them as much as possible. But then to be prepare to do the job alone, when help is no longer available. In general, Wood-Fire in 2014 brings luck, but we still need to pay attention to heart/cardiovascular system during this strong Fire Year, as it’s energies can become overwhelming. Emotions may run hot as well. Great cure for everyone would be to use Citrine and Agate crystals to compensate for missing Earth element and create grounding base.

“The Annual Flying Stars Forecast” of Feng Shui is very important. It calculates every particular combination of energies for the year, and helps us take precautions against destructive influences. It also helps us strengthen the effect of the good stars. Knowing annual Flying Star, you can know what areas of your life will be positive during year, and what areas, on contrary, may be dangerous. This is very important, because, if, for example, your bed or table located in the wrong sector of your home, they should be temporarily rearranged, if possible. Using certain Feng Shui techniques, bad stars can be neutralized, and good stars can be increases.

Read more about 2014 Flying Star here

Have a Prosperous 2014.


Energizing the auspicious sectors of 2014 will ensure you have a successful and smooth-sailing year ahead!

Flying Star Feng Shui addresses both the space and the time dimension of the practice and holds a wonderful promise which enables you to improve your luck tremendously. The 2014 Feng Shui chart maps out the distribution of energy in each of the nine sectors, usually referred to as the nine palaces of the home. The luck of these sectors will change each year, and it is worth your effort to learn the meanings of the 9 stars as thoroughly as possible because the changing energies will create different effects on the luck and fortunes of houses and on businesses in buildings. It is therefore extremely beneficial to undertake an update analysis of the feng shui of houses at the start of each new year.

The energy changes of annual feng shui cycle follow the timings of the Hsia calendar, also known as the solar Chinese Calendar. Under this system, “Lap Chun”, the first day of Spring always begins on the 4th of February every year and marks the start of the new year. Therefore, it is highly recommended that all feng shui updates for the year 2014 are carried out and are in order a week before this day.

In 2014, the ruling number is 4 and the Lo Shu chart for the year thus has 4 in the center. The 4 in the center is itself a good sign, as 4 is an auspicious number than signifies good love and education luck!

Flying Star

Take note the following sectors:-

  • Sickness Star this year is at East
  • Misfortune/Sickness Star this year is at North-West
  • Disputes/Quarrel Star this year is at South-East
  • Education/Romance Star this year is at Center 

Grand Duke this year is South, 180 Degree.

  • Avoid sitting facing the grand duke or disturbing him by having renovations.
  • Location in Conflict is North. 
  • Avoid having renovations done opposite the location in conflict.

#1 White Star – SOUTHWEST – brings victory and triumph luck

The number 1 White star visits the Southwest in 2014. The white star #1 brings superlative good mentor luck and career luck. Those enjoying its good influences will generally have better victory luck in their competitive pursuits as this star is linked to achieving success and winning. People in business or politics should take note of this star. Houses that face or sit on Southwest will experience good fortune in 2014. 

This will help you triumph over enemies, foes, obstacles, competition, problems and obstructions through the year.

#2 Illness Star – EAST – brings sickness and illness

The Black Illness star #2 is an affliction highly feared by the younger and those who are sick or ill. When one is hit by the illness star, a healthy person will fall sick, and the condition of the already ill person will worsen. If you are living in a house that is facing the East direction, or sitting East, you should place metallic cures very prominently in the afflicted sector. It’s recommended, if possible, to move to another room if your bedroom is afflicted.

In 2014, people sleeping in the bedroom or living in a house with the main entrance or living room located in the East sector, the first son, and those born in the year of Rabbit, Tiger and Dragon will feel the influences of this sickness bringing star the most and the risk of catching infections and having health complications will be higher for them.

#3 Hostile Star – SOUTHEAST – brings arguments and court cases

The quarrelsome Star #3 brings seemingly meaningless quarrels, misunderstanding and aggravations that can seriously damage relationships – from intimate to professional.

At its best, the unfortunate number 3 Wood star causes verbal assaults and bickering between friends and loved ones, and at its worse, it brings hostilities, litigations, and even physical fights. The number 3 star is potentially one of the most dreaded stars of the Flying star chart. Keep the Southeast sector quiet as excessive sound, movement and disturbance will activate its ill effects which can be felt almost immediately.

Placing red crystals such as Red Jasper or Carnelian  can effectively subdue this star, thus reducing gossip, office politics and slander, and even help you avoid costly and lengthy lawsuits.

In 2014, people sleeping in the bedroom, or residing in a house with the main entrance or living room located in the SouthEast sector or facing the SE direction, the first daughter, and those born in the year of Snake and Dragon will feel the influences of this troublesome star of quarrels and disputes the most. You will lose your temper more easily and find it hard to control your anger. Do take this seriously.

#4 Romance Star – CENTER wood – earth, brings love and scholastic luck

The romantic star of peach blossom luck flies to the Center in 2014, benefitting everyone of the household with excellent romance luck. Generally, this star brings harmony and happiness to love relationships. It is very auspicious for singles looking to get hitched because this sexy star brings marriage opportunities. However, this can have positive or negative outcomes depending on whether the married couple in the household is inclined towards internal or external romance. Remove all water element from the center of the house as too much water for the number 4 causes the conditions for infidelities to occur, leading to sexual scandals. 

To jumpstart the manifestation of this lucky number 4 Romance Star, display Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on or Rose Quartz Puff Heart for Love Luck in the center of your home in 2014. This will enables love to grow and blossom. Those looking for love could meet someone whom they can bond with in a serious relationship, and those in a long-standing love relationship could blossom into marriage. Those keen on finding a mate or enhancing their love life, or deciding to tie the knot should carry or wear a Rose Quartz Pendant for Love.

The #4 star is also known as the academic star. It brings success to those engaged in educational, literary and writing fields. Teachers, students and authors will benefit from this lucky star in 2014. Likewise for businessmen and career people where the chances of promotions and enhanced income is higher for you. 

#5 Yellow Misfortune Star – NORTHWEST – brings misfortune and bad luck

The #5 Misfortune Star, or Wu Wang, is a particularly dangerous star of the Flying Star Feng Shui as it brings tragedies, mishaps and bad luck. When you are hit by wu wang, a whole variety of ill fortune and calamities will fall upon you. It can range from loss of money and income to illness that can be fatal, from disruption in business plans, to major accidents with serious injuries.

The best way to treat the five yellow is simply to leave it alone and undisturbed. Vacate rooms afflicted by it. If that is not practical, you must definitely place Feng Shui cures to neutralize it and keep this area as quite as possible. Do not play loud music or have your television here and keep windows and doors closed. You should not undertake renovations in the NW or hold activities here this year.

In 2014, the patriarch, those born in the year of Dog and Boar, people sleeping in the bedroom in NW, or residing in a house with the main entrance or living room located in the NW sector or facing the NW direction will feel the influences of this malignant star of misfortune the most. When it rears it ugly head due to too much noise and activity taking place in the afflicted sector, it brings massive problems and a great deal of bad luck. Those in leadership positions will find it hard to manage or to govern. 

#6 Heavenly Star – WEST – brings good fortune

In 2014, the lucky heavenly star 6 Flying Star blesses the West sector. The number 6 brings prosperity luck from cosmic forces, as well as power and authority luck. Those who gamble will benefit if their rooms are located in the West sector of their homes. To activate this star, Metal or Earth energy is required. Placing 6 Big Smooth Coins or Six Smooth Round Citrine Crystal Balls enhances the luck of heaven in the West, ensuring that all who reside in this part of the home, or those living in West facing or sitting houses, do not miss out on the many wonderful opportunities that are sure to come their way in the year 2014. The auspicious chi of #6 should be allowed to flow freely in this West location – keep it clutter free.

The youngest daughter and those born in the year of Monkey, Dog and Rooster will also enjoy the positive influences of this benevolent star the most. 

To enhance the energies flow in this sector, place Obsidian / Yellow Jasper/ Star of David Crystal/ Marble Crystal Ball/ Ammonite Shell/Clear Quartz Crystal Point in this sector.

#7 Violent Star – NORTHEAST – brings theft, burglary and violence

The much feared robbery star, which also brings violence and people who cheat you, flies to the Northeast this year. Northeast facing or sitting houses should be very mindful of its presence. Those afflicted will tend to be vulnerable to being swindled by others in year 2014, usually resulting in financial loss. What is worse is that the #7 also brings injuries, bloodshed and physical danger. You must be especially cautious and should not trust others easily.

The best Feng Shui cure to render the number 7 red star is to hang Sodalite crystal off your handbag to protect against snatch thieves and car theft.

In 2014, the youngest daughter, those born in the year of Ox and Tiger, people sleeping in the bedroom in NE, or residing in a house with the main entrance or living room located in the NE sector or facing the NE direction will feel the impact of this violent star the most. Make sure you handle machineries and sharp objects carefully. Ensure the security system of your homes and offices are working well. Carry protection crystals such as Sodalite in the car. 

#8 Wealth Star – SOUTH – brings wealth luck and prosperity

The lucky number 8 Flying star graces the South palace in 2014, making it the luckiest sector during the course of the year. This brings improved income and wealth luck. Your fortunes are likely to increase and you may well experience a “hei” or happiness occasion such as a big birthday celebration for a respected elder of the family, a wedding or welcoming a baby in the family. If one or all of these things happen for you, it is very auspicious indeed.

The best way to energize the number 8 is with crystal signifying Earth energy, with Citrine the stone of period 8 being highly recommended. Display the Crystal Number 8 symbol, Citrine Crystal Ball for Wealth Luck, Eight Auspicious Objects Crystal Ball or Obsidian Crystal Ball with Heart Sutra in the South corner to enhance its energies and to quicken the good fortune process for you. Make sure the South sector is kept clear of clutter.

In 2014, the middle daughter, those born in the year of Snake, Horse and Sheep, people sleeping in the bedroom in S, or residing in a house with the main entrance or living room located in the S sector or facing the S direction will benefit from this fortunate star the most. To make the most out of this auspicious energy, carry or wear a Jade Mystic Knot Lucky Charm. 

Crystals such as Jade / Obsidian /Star of David Crystal Balls/Ammonite Shell/Amethyst Quartz /Clear Quartz /Citrine Crystal Ball for Wealth Luck can be placed in this sector.

#9 Future Prosperity Star – NORTH

The number 9 is a special purple Flying star, which represents future prosperity. Many Feng Shui experts regard the 9 as being just as powerful as the 8 Prosperity Star. It brings excellent good luck to the North sector in 2014. The number 9 is also known as the star of completion and magnifying. As a number of completion, it brings important projects started prior to this year to a successful conclusion. As a magnifying star, it strengthens the effects of the luck of the monthly flying star, good or bad.

The best way to enhance the number 9 star is by adding fire element in this sector. Keep the North brightly lit but do not create noise or disturbance here as the Tai Sui is located in North in 2014.

If the main entrance to your house, or your bedroom, is located in the North sector, or if you are the middle son, or a Rat, Ox or Boar born, then whatever you start in 2014 will bring long-term benefits that lay the foundation for success in the future. 

Have a Prosperous 2014!

For enquiries on our crystal formations, please write to kathgoh@gmail.com

2014 Tai Sui or The Grand Duke of Jupiter


Our 2014 Tai Sui

Great General Zhang Ci is the Tai Sui or Grand Duke of Horse year 2014. He is the year God who gives trials to the afflicted Zodiac signs. Chinese believers &  Feng Shui practitioners respect him highly, and are afraid to offend him because it would cause harm and bad luck to come to them.

The animal signs that are in conflict with Tai-Sui

Year 2014 is the year of the yang wood fire Horse year. People who are born in the following animal signs are in conflict with Tai-Sui – Horse, Rat, Ox  and Rabbit. To avoid offending the Tai Sui, people do “An Tai Sui Ritual” (Pacifying Tai Sui Ritual) on every 1st and 15th day of Chinese Lunar Calendar. It is believed that improvement of health, luck, wealth, prosperity, family safety and helpful mentors supports will be granted.

History of Tai Sui

Tai Sui or Tai Shui, is a very important aspect of Chinese Astrology. It is mostly known as the Grand Duke of Jupiter. It is an intangible energy body of War-like nature, that should not be disturbed. The Tai Sui or sometimes called Year Authority, is a commanding post that has total control over that particular year.

The Chinese Lunar Year Cycle has 60 years and so there are 60 Tai Sui, with every year having a different Tai Sui. In Taoism Tai Sui also called “General of Time Gods”(Yin Jiao). Tai Sui sometime refers to the rotation of Jupiter. According to Taoism there are 60 Gods that have duty of observing and managing hour, day, month and year. These 60 Gods are also deities that governs every heavenly body in the sky. Tai Sui is rotated within the 60 Jia Zi (Jupiter) yearly and whose responsibility is to command the earth.

He is the most powerful Year Duty God of the Earthly deities. Tai Sui wields control over all other deities except the Jade Emperor, thus portraying great authority and power. He is a deity that no one dares to offend. Many people do not understand the implications that are entailed when a horoscope is deemed to be in conflict with Tai Sui. Fear and confusion are usually generated.

The position of Tai Sui corresponds to the year Earth branch (the animal sign of the year) of any given year. In the compass it occupies 15 degrees. The position of Tai Sui changes in the first day of the first month of the Chinese solar calendar, generally this day falls on 4th of February in the Gregorian Calendar, with minor exceptions, similar to the year 2012.

These are the exact degrees of Tai Sui in 2014:

January 21st, 2014 – February 18th, 2015 – S2 – 172.5 – 187.5 degrees

Tai Sui landing in the South 2 sector.

Feng Shui 2013

2013 will be the year of the snake which starts on Lup Chun (Li Chun, 立春). Lup Chun is the first day of the spring. 2013 lup chun is at 00:31 on Feb. 4 2013, and 9 flying stars will relocate their locations from this day (Lup Chun). In order to bring wealth, prosperity and good health into your house(office) , you can start to re-arrange your feng shui products such as your crystal Formation to remedy the inauspicious energy and enhance the propitious Chi after this time.

Wealth Crystal Bowl

The following chart is the map of 2013 flying stars. It serves as the feng shui guide to arrange your home or office for 2013 year of the snake. The chart of the flying stars 2012 will be back to original position in the Bagua (Lo Shui Square). Therefore the energy of each star will be stronger than other times since they will be supported directly by their power source. The map divides the house (office) into 9 grids. South is on the top, North is on the bottom, East is on the left and West is on the right side of the map (It is the opposite of the regular map). This map tells you where a specific flying star will locate. You can use compass to find all the locations, and to arrange your home or office thus. For example, South part of your home or house will be auspicious flying star #9.

Flying Star Chart

In order to make your feng shui home or feng shui office, you need to know what the numbers in this chart of flying stars stand for and in which corner of your house/office they occupy. Details of flying stars 2013 are as followings:

1. East of the House:
East position of the house will be occupied by flying star #3 in 2013. Flying star #3, which is one of the inauspicious stars, causes arguments, damage, lawsuit, etc trouble. Furthermore, deadly bad star 3-killngs locates in East, too.

East in original Babua belongs to Zhen Gua, which represents the eldest son and males between ages 30 to 45 years old, or the Chinese zodiac Rabbit. Hence, the eldest son, males between ages 30 to 45 years old, or people who are Chinese Zodiac Rabbit might have higher chance to encounter the disagreement, quarrels and lawsuits in life. People whose main door is located in East should also pay extra attention to the forthcoming unfavorable energy.

Feng Shui Tips: Since #3 belongs to Wood element, we need to hang or display more red items in this area to dissolve this inauspicious star’s wood energy. Feng Shui Fire Ball, or Magic Wheel with Flaming Sword, or Ksitigarbha Fireball for Displaying , or Magic Fire Wheel with Metal Base are best fegn shui cures to lower this flying star #3 in this region. For people who have zodiac rabbit sign, it is better to carry one Ksitigarbha Fireball with you.

Crystal Tips: Place Fire Elements Crystals in this area will be beneficial. Crystals such as  Citrine or Clear Quartz are great.

As far as 3 Killings, keep away from this region – don’t do any construction and keep this area calm. In addition, don’t sit in this area for too long. The 3 Celestial Guardian Plaque or the 3 Chi Lin Charm for 3 Killings in East is the best feng shui cure to 3 killings. It is recommended to carry one Three Celestial Guardians Amulet Plaque with you if you sit in East location for a long time.

2. SouthWest of the House:
Flying Star #2 will fly to SouthWest position in 2013. Flying star #2 is known as the sickness inauspicious flying star that brings illness, disease, etc health problems.

SW in the original bagua represents the mother, female household, female over 45 years old, Chinese zodiac Sheep and zodiac Monkey. Therefore, flying star #2 will affect mostly to people who are in this category and the people whose main doors locates in SW of their house.

Feng Shui Tips: 2 Black belongs to Earth Element and it will be strong in 2013 since SW belongs to Earth element too. If your business door or office door locates in SW, pay attention to the health problems in 2013, especially the stomach illnesses, appendix problems, beriberi, back pain skin disease and etc problems. Hanging the 6-rod wind chime in SouthWest can dissolve some illness chi. In addition, one Brass Wu Lou in this location can help a lot since wu lou is one of the best cures to decrease sickness chi.

For those who were mothers, female households, female over 45 years old, and born in the year of zodiac Sheep, carrying one wu lou amulet with them all the time is recommended.

Crystal Tips: Place Metal Elements crystals in this area. Crystals such as Pyrite is good.

2013 is the year of the snake that will side offend the Chinese zodiac monkey. Therefore those people who were born in the year of zodiac Monkey will be affected a lot by this sickness star and it is necessary to carry one Grand Duke Appeaser Amulet and one Golden Medicine Buddha Script Amulet , which are able to ease the energy of discord that causes by Taisui star.

3. West of the House:
Besides two unfavorable locations East and Southwest, we need to watch out West corner too. West position of the house will be the region that the disaster flying star #7 locates. Flying star #7 is an ominous star that causes fighting, robbery, stealing, accidence, etc problems.

West in original bagua is Dui Gua that represents youngest female, or the third daughter or females under 15 years old, or zodiac rooster, etc. People who are zodiac Rooster or whose main doors locate in West should pay extra attention to the forthcoming unfavorable energy. Avoid arguing with others and patience will prevent you from being involved in further entanglements. Accidents and unexpected things will be easily happened since West also belongs to side of legendary White Tiger, which is the in command of killing energy of four seasons. Furthermore, some unexpected things may disturb your life of harmony.

This inauspicious flying star also represents stealing and losing. It may sound untenable to have the property lost all of a sudden. Nonetheless, the most common case is, according to our experience, that we may lose value in our stock market or housing market. Therefore, investing will be very careful. The star will always find certain way to release its energy.

Feng Shui Tips: Since both flying star #7 and West region both belong to Metal Element, the bad effects caused by this unfavorable star will be double and appear in a more manifest way in 2013, especially for those whose main door locates in the west. Display one Blue Rhino and Elephant with Water Urn or Water Fountain with Blue Rhino and Elephant in the west corner is the best feng shui remedy to this unfortunate star. For people who are zodiac Rooster, it is better to carry one Blue Rhino and Elephant Amulet with you.

Crystal Tips: Place Water elements crystals in this area. Crystal such as Blue Aventurine, Blue Agate, Lapis Lazuli are great enhancers for this area. 

4. South of the House:
South welcomes the auspicious flying star #9. #9 is the delighted star that signifies delight events, such as promotion, marriage and new start of enterprise, marriage and giving birth of new baby. South is Li Gua, which represents the middle-aged female, or the second daughter or females between 16 and 30 years old, or zodiac Horse, etc. As a result, people who were born in the zodiac sign of Horse, middle-aged female, or the second daughter or females between 16 and 30 years old, or have main door located in the south will benefit from promising energy of #9.

Feng Shui Tips: In order to booster this good energy, you can display one Horse Carrying Flaming Jewel of Victory since South, horse, red and #9 all belong to Fire element. Besides this, hanging one red scroll in this area can also activate the auspicious fire element.

Crystal Tip: Place Earth Elements Crystal in this area will be great.

5. North of the House:
Flying Star #1 will be locating in North position in 2013. Flying Star #1 is the promising flying star that brings bright prospect to further education, official ranking, prosperity and relationship. It can also help your business grow and career advance.

North in the original bagua symbolizes the second son, zodiac Rat, or the male between 15 and 30 years old. As a result, people who were born in the zodiac sign rat, second son, or the male between 15 and 30 years old might take advantage of this auspicious star.

If the main door of your house or office locates in North, you will benefit from this star in the coming year, especially for those people who are in the preceding categories that we mention.

Feng shui tips: Both of the Flying star #1 and North belong to Water element. Thus this auspicious star will be very strong this year. In order to usher the favorable energy that #1 will bring in, you need to activate this location by displaying one water fountain to boost its water element. One golden bar or Brass Ingots (metal produces water) will enhance its wealthy energy.

Crystal Tip: Place Wood Elements Crystal in this area will be great.

6. Northeast of the House:
The wealth star #8 will change to NE position in 2013. This auspicious star will bring you career luck and prosperity. If your main door locates in Northeast, you will have extra income in 2013. In the original Ba gua, Northeast belongs to Gen Gua that signifies the third son or the youngest son, or zodiac Ox or zodiac Tiger. Therefore flying star #8 will be a great benefit to those people whose main doors locate in NE, or people who are the in the categories of the third son, or the youngest son, or zodiac Ox or zodiac Tiger.

Feng Shui Tips: Since flying star #8 belongs to Earth element, you can use Money Tree with Crystal Base. Or you can use 8 Water Feature plus 8-coin charm to activate flying star #8. Those who were born in the year of the Ox or Tiger can carry the Rich Amulet with Red Tassel to increase more money luck.

Crystal Tip: Place Metal Elements Crystal in this area will be great.

7. Southeast of the House:
Flying Star #4 will fly to Southeast position in 2013. Flying star #4, which is the education star, is in charge of literary, exam, inspiration and recognition.

Southeast in original Bagua belongs to Xun Gua, which implies the eldest daughter, widow, female between ages 30 to 45 years old, and the Chinese zodiac dragon and snake. Therefore, people who are in these categories will have obvious advance in their education or improvement of learning experiences. For those whose main doors are in the Southeast side, their houses will also obtain good blessing energy from auspicious star.

Tai Sui (Grand Duke), nonetheless, would be in command of this region as well. To maximize the harmonious chi and ease the conflict, we need to cater Tai Sui instead of offending it. Avoid any new constructions in this location and keep this location quiet.

Feng Shui Tips: In order to booster this education star, display Wen Chang Pagoda or hang Wen Chang Education Amulet in this location. For zodiac Snake or Pig, or eldest daughter, widow, female between ages 30 to 45 years old, it is recommended to carry Grand Duke Appeaser Amulet or Tai Sui Amulet. In addition, display one Feng Shui Pi Yao in SE to favor the energy of Tai Sui. If your main door is falling in this location, it is also necessary to display one Tai Sui Plaque in this area.

8. NorthWest of the House:
Flying star #6 will control Northwest in 2013. Flying star #6 is the heaven star that is for career successful. Since it just moves out from the center, anything related to jobs will be much better than 2012.

NW region is Qian Gua in original Bagua whilst Qian Gua represents father, male household, males over 45 years old, Chinese zodiac Dog or zodiac Pig. Consequently these groups of people and people whose main doors locate in NW will benefit from this flying star.

However NW is the opposite side of where the Tai Sui locates. It means that one bad afflicting star Sui Po is in NW. In order not to offense to its energy, avoid any new constructions and keep this area calm.

Feng Shui Tips: The effective way to activate flying star #6 is to display the feng shui enhancers – 6 Metal Emperor Smooth Coins, or 6 Big Metal Emperor Smooth Coins or Set of 6 Heaven Prosperity Coins in this corner.

9. Center of the House:
Flying Star #5 will be in the center of the house or office in 2013. As the most deadly star, #5 will bring all kinds of bad luck, disasters, wealth loss and sickness.

Since flying star #5 possesses the most ominous energy, its destructive effects can’t be underestimated. It is better to keep its effects down before the disasters take place. Don’t put water fountain or something that can bring about active energy in this location. Avoid TV set or big red items, too. One 5 Element Pagoda or 5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life is the most powerful traditional feng shui antidote to cure flying star #5 in Feng Shui. If there is no room for displaying 5 element pagoda, you can hang one Double 5 Element Pagoda Keychain with Tree of Life in the center.

Overall of feng shui tips 2013:
In 2013 year of the snake, we need to pay special attention to East, SW and West of your house. Flying stars in these three regions will bring sickness, argument and loss of wealth. It is very important to display some feng shui cures and/or crystals in these 3 locations. South, North and NE are three good locations where you need to activate the good energy. Keep yourselves away from the places where the ominous stars locate and stay longer in the auspicious regions. Displaying something that creates motion (such as water fountain in North and in NE) is highly recommended. Finally keep SE, NW and center calm and peaceful. Don’t do any new construction in these 3 locations. 2013 year of the snake will be better than 2012 – at least less turmoil, fighting and conflict in the world.