Crystals and their Healing Properties

AMETHYST (purple) : Excellent for meditation. Calming peaceful providing clarity and focus. Enhances creativity, intuition, inspiration, motivation, healing, divine love and memory recall. (Take it to exams!) Helps sleep and relieves headaches and balances and soothes an over-active mind. Aids channeling, psychic and spiritual awareness. Zodiac: Pisces / Sagittarius / Aries / Capricorn Birthstone: February … Continue reading Crystals and their Healing Properties


Spiritual Candles – The Candles Journey of Exploration

Green Taper candle These green taper candles are great for invoking the verdant fertility of the earth. Use them to empower your spells of money drawing, and seek positive change, growth, and fertility. Brown Taper Candle Frequently used to represent the element of earth, brown taper candles are of great use in candle magic and … Continue reading Spiritual Candles – The Candles Journey of Exploration

The Buddha Box

An inspired introduction to the 45 most important Buddhist deities, to bring you spiritual guidance, self-awareness, and peace. The Buddha Box contains a handbook to the varied manifestations of the Buddha and how they can benefit you personally, together with beautifully illustrated cards of each Buddha with meditations, visualizations, and prayers. This Buddha Book contains colored cards … Continue reading The Buddha Box