A New Beginning

I am dropping my ego and moving toward actual and lasting fulfillment. I will restrain my selfish longings as I ask for what my soul needs, not what my ego wants. Looking again, I want elevation for my soul, real transformation. I will restrict any tendencies toward negativity or complaining. I appreciate everything around me and reach into my soul at the deepest level to connect with real happiness and joy.

When difficulty arises, we can use the Kabbalistic tools we’ve been given to meditate, and then act with a higher state of awareness knowing that: This challenge is an indication that there is great amount of Light to be revealed here! I may not understand how yet, but I can make the effort to see why this opportunity has been given to me. I can choose, instead of reacting or worry, to continue the development of my soul. I can choose to not allow negativity in, and as I do this more and more, I will grow my certainty in the Light.


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