The New Moon of Cancer: The Glass is Half Full


This weekend, we will enter the lunar month of Cancer. Cancerians, in particular, can be one of the most sensitive groups of all the signs of the zodiac, and one of their spiritual missions here is to find a way to balance their strong emotions. It is easy for Cancerians to fall into moodiness, and oftentimes they form a sort of shell to protect themselves from getting hurt. This is one reason why it’s so appropriate that the animal that represents Cancer is the crab.

The Glass is half full or half empty? The glass has to be half full. If we see the glass as constantly half empty, then that kind of negativity is what we will create in the cosmos for ourselves.


We create our own consciousness through our awareness. This means that if we wake up in the morning and we say, “Thank you, God: I can see, I can hear, I can walk, I can talk,” we are going to have a different day than if we wake up and think of everything that is wrong with our life. We have to be aware that even the breath we breathe is a gift from the Creator. Even the fact that we can do what we do is a gift.


Taking Energy vs. Giving Energy


Taking note of how much we give or take energy can provide a gauge for where we are spiritually. 

Examples of taking energy include: Watching TV, gossiping, overindulging, and complaining. 

Examples of giving energy include: Volunteer efforts, creative outlets, positive new projects, and sharing support with a friend. 

Isn’t it weird that the things we take energy from actually make us feel drained, whereas the ways in which we give make us more energized? 

The only way to get more energy is to give it!

Namaste Om!

Beyond Our Garbage

A good indication that you’re on the right path is when you start to see more of your garbage. You start noticing the ego at play and how you allow it to take hold of you and in your interactions with others.

Seeing our garbage is never easy, but it’s what we do once we see it that makes all the difference.

Getting down, depressed or sad won’t help us to change it, so that’s a waste of time. On the other hand, we could feel grateful for having the clarity to see what it is we need to change so our lives can improve.

Imagine if we could make the shift so that seeing our garbage becomes an awesome part of the process!

If we can’t see our garbage, we can’t move beyond it into the Light.


Katherine Goh

Transformative Actions

There are three things that can help us to be successful on our spiritual path:

1. Be giving of your time with no agenda.

2. Engage in sharing actions without agenda.

3. Give some of the money that you’ve earned to be used for the service of others.

These may seem simple, but they are transformative actions that go a long way in destroying our ego and revealing great Light in the world.

The more you can do these three actions, the more you grow.

With Love & Light,

Katherine Goh


Has it ever happened that you achieve something great but then feel empty afterwards? Many times, we believe we will be happy and fulfilled once we finish a project, find our soul mate, or win the prize only to discover that after the initial excitement settles, a tremendous emptiness sets in. A feeling of, Well, now what?

While there are few certainties in life, one thing is always sure: Each and every one of us is capable of accomplishing so much more than what we have so far.

That means, no matter what.

We can all do even greater things, but the first step is knowing that we can and we will.

We must keep growing and expanding our capacity for greatness. Because whether we are fifteen or fifty-five, whatever we have accomplished so far in our lives is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here is a affirmation which you can affirm each day: ( Preferably to recite when you are doing your meditation or mastery breath)


I will not settle for less, in any area of my life. I want everything that is possible.

I let go of any darkness and doubts that prevent me from having it all, including eternal happiness and peace on earth.

All things wonderful are possible, and I will make them a part of my daily existence.

With Love & Light,

Katherine Goh

Unseen Addictions

When we think of addictions, we usually think of them in the physical sense, like smoking or gambling for instance; but the addictions that give us the greatest challenge exist well below the surface and are not as easy to see.

All of us have below the surface addictions that include: Approval, Recognition, Attention, Enabling Others, Control, Chaos, Anger, and Judgment.

Which of these do you relate to most?

Your free will lets you decide if you want to be an addict to the Light or the addict to the Ego.

Being aware of our addictions below the surface will make it easier to resist them the next time there is an opportunity to forgo the quick fix in favor of earning the eternal joy that comes from being a Creator in your life.

With Love & Light,

Katherine Goh

Conquering Fear

Fear is a good barometer to gauge where we are in our level of comfort or discomfort. The more afraid that we become, the greater chance that we are getting out of our comfort zone and connecting with potential fulfillment.

Pick a fear that you have and make an effort to confront it this week. I find writing it down helps. In fact, write down when you’re going to confront it.

Let’s say you need to confront your boss about that raise you were promised, or maybe you have a fear of heights and have avoided flying for years. Become willing to be uncomfortable with the situation, become excited about it even, and face it!

Warning: This can require tremendous support and encouragement from others, and it may even take a few false starts before you have the courage to conquer it, so don’t get discouraged. But when you eventually conquer it, you will have transformed the fear into Light, into fulfillment. That’s our purpose!

With Love & Light,

Katherine Goh

A New Beginning

I am dropping my ego and moving toward actual and lasting fulfillment. I will restrain my selfish longings as I ask for what my soul needs, not what my ego wants. Looking again, I want elevation for my soul, real transformation. I will restrict any tendencies toward negativity or complaining. I appreciate everything around me and reach into my soul at the deepest level to connect with real happiness and joy.

When difficulty arises, we can use the Kabbalistic tools we’ve been given to meditate, and then act with a higher state of awareness knowing that: This challenge is an indication that there is great amount of Light to be revealed here! I may not understand how yet, but I can make the effort to see why this opportunity has been given to me. I can choose, instead of reacting or worry, to continue the development of my soul. I can choose to not allow negativity in, and as I do this more and more, I will grow my certainty in the Light.

Try Something New

We can always make today a great day simply by breaking free from our habitual bubble. 

What can you do today that would make it different from any other day? Sign up for a yoga class, speak to someone on the street, take a different route to work, ask the new employee in your office to lunch. 

There is no end to the new grooves you can carve out for yourself today on the bicycle path of life.

Expect Nothing

Expectation is the idea that something will go a certain way, or that I am entitled to something. Entitlement is the one of most limiting and destructive of reactive behaviors. But the real problem with it is that when we feel entitled we are simply not happy. Happy people are doing something, creating something, being something. Frustrated and disappointed people are those who fill their time and spend their energy on expecting.

Where do you feel entitled your life? Turn it upside down and do something positive instead.

Action is the opposite of expectation.

Take a Refreshing Dip

My Bali vacation in March 2012 was awesome. My husband and i had the privilege to cleanse and purify our Body, Soul and Spirit. We also took this opportunity to cleanse our crystals with the holy water. In Hindu rituals, water is used to cleanse the devotees before and after praying. Before praying to the shrines of Tirtha Empul (where the holy water is), we dipped ourselves into the pool of natural spring water. The water is very REFRESHING!

Kabbalists teach that immersing ourselves in water is one of the greatest tools for spiritual healing. They call it a mikveh, a specifically designed pool of water meant to cleanse our body and soul. Water is the closest earthly form that resembles the spiritual essence of the Light of the Creator. Think of water as liquid Light. Our bodies are more than 70 percent water. When the body is completely immersed, so that not even a single hair remains outside of the water, spiritual darkness is purified.

Special mikvehs exist throughout the world, constructed to specific measurements. But if you can’t get to one, dipping in the ocean, or lake or any natural body of water can do the trick. If all else fails, even the pool will suffice.

When was the last time you visited our great Ocean? Perhaps its time to do it again…

When was the time you connect back to nature: the spring  and/or the waterfall?

If you are living in the urban city, why not the dip into your nearest swimming pool for a refreshing dip?

With Love & Light,

Katherine Goh


God’s Milk – Instead of being a cup, become a straw

God’s nature is to constantly bestow its love upon us. As the sages say, “more than the calf wants to suckle, the cow wants to provide it with milk.”

However having the capacity to accept it and being fulfilled by it is very difficult to do. Just look around at people in the world who receive a great deal of energy — talent, adoration, money, power. It takes a level of maturity to handle such light. How many young celebrities come out ahead and how many fall apart.

According to Kabbalah the way that we can be a constant receiver of such energy is to become a channel rather than a vessel. Instead of being a cup, become a straw. In this way, energy flows through us, rather than stopping with us.

How do we shift from a cup to a straw. Becoming more of a sharer, less of a receiver. Please note: I use the word “becoming” instead of “become.” Achieving this state is hard, it’s an ongoing process, and it’s played out throughout the course of our lives.

(from Kabbalah’s teachings)

With Love & Light,

Katherine Goh

It’s Called Gratitude…

We radiate a different kind of energy when we’re frowning and gloomy, as opposed to when we’re smiling and happy. Smiling is a sign saying, “Enter,” whereas frowning says, “Do Not Disturb.”

Many of us find it hard to smile because we’re consumed with what’s missing in our lives. If only we woke up every morning with the consciousness that everything we have is on loan, it would be much easier to smile.

Think about how much brighter our lives would be if we spent more time obsessing over gratitude rather than lack.

The Law of Attraction often states that having a heart filled with gratitude will attract positive energy,new opportunities, love,friendship, and possibly even wealth.

Today, ask yourself what are you grateful for? I find it best to write it down in a self-made gratitude book, but if its too troublesome, you can also say it out loud in front of the mirror every morning when you wake up. Thanks to technology, we have i-gratitude application, a digital gratitude book that we can digitally record our gratitude in our Iphone & Ipad too.

Smart people practice gratitude. Be the Smart Woman or Man Now.

Live our life to the Fullest,

Katherine Goh

Be the Boxer in your life

Life’s tests don’t come when we’re prepared for them. They come when we’re not. How spiritual we are isn’t just about how much we smile or share – it’s also what we do when we get tested.

One thing’s for sure: our inner opponent is never going to take us on when we are ready. One way to insure we make it through those trying moments is to conduct ourselves like boxers – keep hitting even when we’re hurt, and let our natural instincts take over.

The idea is to train our soul. To make our standard action an affirmative one. Start by making your small reactions more positive, and you’ll soon hold up when the big challenges come at you.

Learn to be the Boxer in your life.

<From our Kabbalah Teaching>