Conquering Fear

Fear is a good barometer to gauge where we are in our level of comfort or discomfort. The more afraid that we become, the greater chance that we are getting out of our comfort zone and connecting with potential fulfillment.

Pick a fear that you have and make an effort to confront it this week. I find writing it down helps. In fact, write down when you’re going to confront it.

Let’s say you need to confront your boss about that raise you were promised, or maybe you have a fear of heights and have avoided flying for years. Become willing to be uncomfortable with the situation, become excited about it even, and face it!

Warning: This can require tremendous support and encouragement from others, and it may even take a few false starts before you have the courage to conquer it, so don’t get discouraged. But when you eventually conquer it, you will have transformed the fear into Light, into fulfillment. That’s our purpose!

With Love & Light,

Katherine Goh


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