I Am Presence

The I Am Presence is a frequency vibrating from your heart and soul that lives inside you. It is not something to be brought in from the outside. The I Am Presence is always present. It’s just a matter of you accessing it. Its energy is most powerfully felt in and around your heart and your throat chakra, where it is expressed in the word. 

Your resonance and discernment activate your I Am Presence through your freedom of choice and will. When events flow in your life with grace and ease that is a sure sign you are activating this divine gift and presence. 

What Is The “I Am Presence”? How Do We Use It? 

When humankind’s monster of fear, doubt, and ignorance is not present, your I Am Presence is present. When there is no duality, separation, isolation, or conflict, your I Am Presence is present. 

Knowing and loving this innermost being will allow complete manifestation of your soul plan (your purpose in being here) and bring you great joy. 

It is essential that you begin to know and love this divine aspect of yourself. When you have gratitude for your I Am Presence, great abundance comes forth. 

Your I Am Presence is innately gifted to all, a force from creation that allows you to know who you are (a divine being), and why you are here (to be in world service), and where you are headed. 

Being human within the dense 3-D frequency, you are in the process of learning how to accept and access your I Am Presence. A key component to access your I Am Presence is seeing yourself good and worthy enough to receive it. Your I Am Presence allows you to receive “down- loads” of your divinity on a regular basis, which raises your vibratory frequency, thus consciousness. 

The increased consciousness allows the creation of a new you and world. The word consciousness contains the letters I-O-U (consc-I-O-U-sness). The “I” is “U.” This means your consciousness owes you your I Am Presence! 

Know through your heart and loving sense of self that you can receive your I Am Presence in each moment of the present. It is your innate divine right. When you fully connect with this presence, you know what it feels like to be free of the unhealed “me” and join the “we.”




What if the Universe is alive — and is trying to communicate with you through synchronicity and the Law of Karma?

Synchronicity is a term that came into popular use through Swiss psychotherapist Carl Jung.

Synchronicity means exactly this… Being in alignment (in sync) with Divine time.To experience synchronicity is to experience the magic of the Universe. Synchronicity speaks to the magical coincidental moments of Divine alignment…

When you are in harmony with the flow of life, and the guidance of your angels and Higher Self, you’re likely to experience increased synchronicity.

Synchronicity can come in many forms, such as meaningful coincidences, signs and signals pointing you in the right direction, books or teachers aligning, doors and opportunities magically opening up for you, and improbable meetings with just the right people, at just the right time.

For instance, connecting back the dots about what you learned about yourself through your alignment process and recognises repetitive messages or simply taking a view of whatever that was presented to you at the moment..etc…are synchronicity in your life.

How do you experience more synchronicity and serendipity on your path?

Start by looking for, and noticing all the meaningful alignments which have already occurred in your life. Where your attention goes energy flows, and so consciously noticing synchronicity which has already happened in your experience, begins to pave the way for more to occur.

Most Importantly, cultivate Awareness!

I find an interesting method for myself to cultivate deeper awareness in my life. Just need 5 minutes of my time everyday. It is the 5 Minute Journal. I find that by “answering” these questions, i FEEL Deeper into my inner being, to Question or Explore how i can be better and more joyful everyday and to Give myself permission to Say No or stop doing/thinking what do not serve me positively. 

Do try it out and experience the change yourself.

The 5 minute journal
I am grateful for ……
What would make today great ……
Daily affirmation –  I am …….
3 Amazing things that happened today ……
How can i have made today better…..
Love and Light,
Katherine Goh

Love & Compassion

“Love and compassion…are the ultimate source of human happiness, and the need for them lies at the very core of our being.” – Dalai Lama

From Prime Creator were birthed polarities from a field of compassion: Yin and Yang; Light and Dark.

The sacred energy of love and compassion, the Great Heart of the World, embraces us all, without condition, unifying all of life, unifying the whole creation within the warm spirit of kindness, appreciation and concern. With good fortune (accumulation of good karma), we may meet people in whom this unfettered love shines strongly, allowing all around to bask in its light. The great saints and bodhisattvas, utterly emptied of themselves, transmit such love and compassion. Whenever we look into another person’s eyes and recognize the sameness, that person and I are the same, not really separate, this is love.

When we hear of or see another person’s misfortune, and we feel the pain of their suffering, and are moved to extend the help that lies within our power, this is compassion. For this we need strength, because suffering lies all around us. The daily news’ litany of catastrophes and evil deeds, large and small, could devastate us, were we awake to the whole of it and lacked the strength to bear it. But awakening through spiritual practice brings its own strength. And the suffering we see is more than balanced by the joy that flows to us along with love, protecting the compassionate from being overwhelmed by the force of suffering.

Universal love lies far beyond its pale imitation in the lower energies, where emotional attachment turns from “love” to hate, jealousy, or despair. Nevertheless, the world is so constructed that it remains within our possibilities to participate in love knowingly. But that can only happen to the degree we empty ourselves of ourselves.

Self-referential motives, self-centeredness, attachment, expectation of something in return, grasping, setting of conditions, partial-heartedness – none of these have any place in love and, in practice, completely block the action of love. Placing ourselves first and at the center forecloses the possibility of love. Yet moments do come even to us, perhaps with our family or our pets or unexpectedly with a stranger, when we are briefly free of egocentric attachment and the true heart of objective love opens within us. In unguarded moments, our natural response to people is friendship, one of the faces of love. To be able to love is a goal lofty and worthy enough to sustain our long journey along the path, drawing us ever forward.

Our common mother, the Earth, also loves, loves each one of us and all life in her biosphere. Like a self-centered and petulant child, we only too rarely return this love. And like a child, we so take for granted the love of our mother Earth, that we do not even recognize it. Yet her love is there for us individually, in nature and in the city, if we can but open to it.

One simple expression of it manifests as the beauty with which nature adorns herself. And there are other more direct expressions we may perceive, including a reservoir of spiritual energies within the Earth that we can draw upon. But as a species, we need to mature and not expect the Earth to continue indefinitely absorbing every insult and injury we pile upon her. We push these limits at the Earth’s, and our own, peril. The Earth gives and gives and gives, perhaps more than she can afford. But because our collective strength now exceeds our collective wisdom, the Earth needs us to find a place in our hearts for her.

By our inner work, by opening to higher energies, by purifying our will and intentions, we help cleanse our collective will, raise our collective level of being, and give back to the Earth and to human society. And we do this for love.

Love manifests in many forms, but always serves to unify. Love’s unmistakable hallmark dissolves our veils of isolation and separation, allowing us to become more fully ourselves within the sweet scent of merging.


Lessons learnt when i pay my last respect to Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Since one of my watsapp friend told my husband and me now that paying our last respect to Mr Lee Kuan Yew is operating 24hrs in the parliament, we decided perhaps should go and pay our last respect to our First Prime Minister. Flooded with media that Mr Lee was our founding father, i feel a more appropriate and sensitive way to address Mr Lee Kuan Yew, he was one of our founding fathers instead. I read that there are other founding fathers of our nation as well besides Mr Lee. See the shot shown below. The so-called “Big 5” ministers of Singapore’s founding Cabinet members in 1959.


We left home about 1.45am on 26th mar 2015, thinking should had lesser crowds as its in the wee hours. But No !
Arrive boat quay around 2am. While searching for the queue start point, we met a nice couple asking us if we are going to Parliament House and should join the queue at Hong Lim park. This is my first contact of “One consciousness” in this urban city for such a long time.

I was amazed and proud of the orderly queueing manner of Singaporeans. Not much people “cut queue” except for a very very small minority throughout the 2.5hrs queuing.

Bottled drinks and strawberry buns were given out along the queue-route.

The queue no longer was as reported like yesterday afternoon that needed to queue for 6-8hrs.I think we were lucky. It’s was a breezy night. I took the opportunity to re-look at our financial hub in this night. It was a peaceful night. So much has changed in this part of Singapore where I used to work there some 17 years ago.

My husband commented we were actually walking down the path of LKY.

The route: Hong Lim Park- OCBC Centre- Singapore Land Tower- Bank Of China- Fullerton Hotel- Cavenach Bridge – Victoria concert hall – Singapore River – Civilisation Museum-Parliament House.

Photo below: Half-Mast at Fullerton Hotel 


Normally, I would not have the chance to walk along this route. This time I took the opportunity to stop by, reflect,read some of the statues’ descriptions and even saw Deng Xiao Ping Figurine at Singapore River. I feel that although I am a Singaporean, I have not understand deep enough of my nation. Somehow, I took Singapore and Mr Lee for granted. At this moment, I am deep with gratitude for all that he had done for Singapore, both right or wrong.

When we were nearer to the last stop, there are condolences cards and pens available for those of us who wants to write our condolences messages. We wrote ours briefly.

Photo: The last stop outside parliament house


We were then directed to the area for inspection; checks on our bags. (Tips: As there will be security checks, it is also advisable not to carry too many items, to cut down waiting time and ensure a smooth flow of the queue.)

Photo: Half-Mast at The Parliament House


Honestly, all came a little fast. Before I knew it, I am already inside Parliament House and the photo of Mr Lee was not far.

There were bodyguards and ushers around and one officer kept on saying: “move forward… Move Forward…” As I walked, I bowed 3 times… But it was just too fast to process any thoughts… My thoughts only started to conjure when I am out of the entrance door. And there I saw queue waiting to enter the Parliament House for their turn.  The snake-like queue do not seemed to stop forming since 25th March 2015 and may just be like this till the 29th March 2015.

Although, I felt it was just too fast for me to pay my last respect to Mr Lee but based on mathematical calculations, this has to be the way. Imagine 4 millions people going to pay their last respect within 4 days? Say 1 million people per day, that will be 41,666 people an hour and 1736 people in a minute..that is an enormous figures.

So what are the lessons i learned ?

1) The Unity of ONE Singaporeans; One Nation. I feel it in the air…in the gestures of Singaporeans.

2) A world-class civilised Singaporeans. Look at our orderly peaceful queue. Period!

3)An efficient Singapore. Look at how fast rest stops were setup along the routes, complimentary drinks and buns were given..

4) A continuous learning and willingness to change for the better attitude. Always fine-tuning to better systems. Look at the decisions to operate 24hrs public transport system or the 24hrs opening of the Parliament House for public to pay their last respect to Mr Lee and a separate lane for those on wheelchairs, who are pregnant, with special needs, and families with young children and elders .

Honestly, there were decisions of Mr Lee that I do not agree, such as his autocratic leadership, too much control over his people and nation medias alike or his imprisonment over his opponents without trial, etc. But no doubts, the results of Singapore today shows what was the best for Singapore at his time. And he did what was necessary for the best of our Singapore at that time. Who am I to say he was right or wrong? He understands Singapore deeper and wider than I did. Period.

Mr Lee will lives in the hearts of all Singaporean. He will continue to be our learning mentor through the wisdom he left for us. He left us with systems – systems of values of meritocracy, multi-racialism and non-corruptibility and SIngaporean should built the foundations laid by our pioneers.

Now, my concern as like many younger generations Singaporeans are: What will be the future of our nation? How can we do our part to continue building a better Singapore? Providing Singaporeans and our future generations a better sustainable lives?

As I am writing this, I don’t know. All I know is if Singaporeans are United, Strong, Determined, Never Give Up Attitude, Flexible and always look out for better ways to improve ourselves (not being complacent), WE, Singaporeans will Stand Tall and live the Spirit of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Penned by: Katherine G.S.Y

The New Moon of Cancer: The Glass is Half Full


This weekend, we will enter the lunar month of Cancer. Cancerians, in particular, can be one of the most sensitive groups of all the signs of the zodiac, and one of their spiritual missions here is to find a way to balance their strong emotions. It is easy for Cancerians to fall into moodiness, and oftentimes they form a sort of shell to protect themselves from getting hurt. This is one reason why it’s so appropriate that the animal that represents Cancer is the crab.

The Glass is half full or half empty? The glass has to be half full. If we see the glass as constantly half empty, then that kind of negativity is what we will create in the cosmos for ourselves.


We create our own consciousness through our awareness. This means that if we wake up in the morning and we say, “Thank you, God: I can see, I can hear, I can walk, I can talk,” we are going to have a different day than if we wake up and think of everything that is wrong with our life. We have to be aware that even the breath we breathe is a gift from the Creator. Even the fact that we can do what we do is a gift.


So Much Better

Everything in our lives is made better with the Light.

What is the key ingredient in the preparation of a great meal? Consciousness. This is the reason why mom’s home cooked dinners taste better than a restaurant that manufactures the same exact recipe with the same exact ingredients.

When we inject a consciousness of love and Light into anything we do, life tastes a whole lot better.

Namaste Om

“Kat in Angkor Wat”


State temple and Capital city for King Suryavarman II built in the 12th century.
This temple was first dedicated to Hinduism (to Vishnu) and then later to Buddhism.
The temple is the epitome of the high classical style of Khmer architecture.

It has become a symbol of Cambodia.

The temple is admired for the grandeur and harmony of the architecture, its extensive bas-reliefs and for the numerous devatas adorning its walls.

Breathless grandeur, that was my feeling when I finally saw this magnificent temple in real life. A little smile crept up my face and remained there the entire time. There are no words to describe the totally overwhelming feeling of being there. Granted, there were loads of others milling around you, speaking in their own language, some equally as excited as me, some so blase, some complaining about the heat. Whatever. You just turn it off and follow the pull of the temple. And you will not regret it.

When I hear people say that Angkor Wat is one of those places you have to visit once in your lifetime, I quietly agree 🙂

For the non-denominational spiritually-minded amongst us, nowhere on Earth conjures such mystical feelings as the famed temple complex at Angkor Wat, Cambodia. A simple gaze at its spectacular geometrical towers against the bright sun-streaked sky (or even better: under the yellow moonlight of a star-studded evening) and one feels closer to whatever deity he or she currently holds closest to their heart. There is a mysterious aire to this destination, as if the prayers and esoteric beliefs of millions of ancient devotees are somehow synergized directly into its strange and secretive stone carvings. 

This place returns to its peacefulness. The Buddha smile.

Namaste Om


Katherine Goh 

Sing Along – Be Passionate in your Life

Indifferent to whether your mood is grumpy or cheerful, Nature always sings her passionate song of joyful celebration.You can never stop the happy song of life, so join the celebration – sing along, dance, make love, smile your biggest smile, and cheer on the music in your life. ~ KatherineG

3 weeks ago, i chanced upon an interesting group of passionate singers on the streets of Malaysia. Five boys came together (they just came to know each other on the spot) and started singing using simple yet powerful sounds tools. They allowed dedication songs by the passing people. Some of these people like me, were attracted by this group, stopped by and sat down to enjoy the songs.

Their simple powerful sound tools:

  • 2 Mentos Sweet Boxes
  • 1 empty wooden box
  • 2 guitars
  • 1 mineral bottle (should have some sweets inside the bottle)

Look at all of the lessons about life you can learn from these young teenagers, just from their actions in this video.

1. Find your passion
These boys’ passion is Singing. For them, every day is a good day when they can indulge that passion and do what they love to do.

For me, my passion is creating positive stuffs, new ideas, etc…. I believe every day’s a good day when I CREATES POSITIVELY.

How about you? Every day’s a good day when you…what?

2. Listen to your heart
One way to find your passion, if you don’t know it already, is to listen to and trust your heart.

Singing brings good thoughts to these boys’ hearts. From the way they sings,that’s how they know they love it, and why every day is a good day when they does it.

What are you doing when you notice good thoughts in your heart? That just might be what or who you are passionate about.

3. No limits
For a passionate singer, there are no limits with a fresh piece of songs. Building happiness is a good thing.

And when we find our passion and listen to our hearts, there aren’t any limits to how much of it we can build in our own lives.

4. Indulge the moment

Live in the moment; indulge the moment; be passionate about whatever it is you’re doing.

Have a sense of love and enthusiasm for whatever it is you are engaged in.

Give it your all.

5. “Think like water”

I love this line.

Even when we’re following our passions, following our hearts, we can get too caught up in the moment. We can out-think our ability to do. Paralysis by analysis. But there are simple doorways for overcoming this. I’m just not sure I’ve ever heard it phrased more eloquently than “think like water.”

“Relax, let it flow, think like water…”. So true.

Indulge the moment, and flow with it. Let’s not get stuck in our own heads.

6. “Sing along”

Life is just better when you’re singing along. It is for me anyway.

In the car, at home around the house, while working…whatever. Singing, humming, whistling, it all just puts me in a good mood.

Do you sing along with your life?

7. Enjoy life
Of course not every time in a life is meant to be a “good time,” per se. There are times when hard work is necessary, and it may not be fun. There will be times of sadness and struggle and strife.

But can’t we still enjoy life even during these more difficult times?

If we’re finding ways to bring good thoughts to our hearts, I think we can. We can certainly strive to anyway.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Sometimes it just takes a more conscious effort to do so than we think. But it’s always worth it.

Living Passionately,

Katherine Goh

If days had 25 hours, what would you do with the extra time?

The Plinky Prompt of the Day: If days had 25 hours, what would you do with the extra time?

Time is very precious in our lives. This is especially when we are living in a fast-paced city. Time passes by us FASsssssT.

I’ve always pondered about questions like this. The most immediate answer to me is I WANT TO SPEND THE TIME WITH MY HUSBAND. Executives like us living in this competitive city, we do not usually get to spend QUALITY TIME together everyday.

At least, that’s the way I often daydream about the bonus hour that never shows up.

So if you’re also looking for that extra hour of the day, stop a moment and think about it. How are you using your time now? How do you wish you were using it instead? 

Life is short, don’t waste time worrying about what people think of you. Hold on to the ones that care, in the end they will be the only ones there.
~ Unknown author


Katherine Goh