March 29th 2014 Connective Session: Tarot Healing

If you ask someone who has never before worked with tarot about the purpose of tarot, they will most likely say something about fortune telling. It is true that tarot has an uncanny knack for predicting future events. As a tool of divination it is accurate, compelling and insightful. But if you ask a tarotist about the purpose of tarot, many will answer this way. Tarot is a tool for healing.

The ways in which tarot heals may be limitless. Over time, tarotists will develop and discover new ways to use these sacred images to bring healing. Each tarotist has unique practices, so no list of tarot’s usefulness could ever be comprehensive. The process of divination itself can be very healing. Whether we are reading for ourselves or others, a good tarot reading can bring us to a place of emotional balance and well-being. It can give new perspective, and reframe painful issues to create healthier and more productive thinking. A tarot reading can pinpoint problems and offer solutions.

Beyond the process of reading the cards, tarot can offer healing in a number of ways. We can use tarot images in meditation, visualization, goal setting, magick and manifestation.

Last connective session, we had our chakras healing through tarot. Below is a simple 7-cards chakra healing spread we used. Each card representing our different major seven chakras. 

Chakra Healing Spread:

We also did Soul Healing with our tarot. We’re not born with a Map of Life but our Soul healing Tarot spread gets pretty close. We’re here to embody our soul as fully as possible and the four cards spread we used can help us with the how.

Soul Healing Spread

1 …..2…..3…..4

1. Vocation – This card gives you a clue about your life purpose in terms of your career or vocation and shows you how to maximise on the gifts of the Spirit bestowed upon you before you were even conceived.

2. Life lesson – This card shows you the main theme you need to explore and study in this lifetime in order to fully embody your soul.

3. Tweak tool – This card shows you where you often stumble and need to pause for breath/prayer in order to realign.

4. Doing right – This aspect of your soul’s embodiment is already working for you. Drawing on this strength can only help!

Begin Your Healing Journey Today

Even as we study the tarot cards, we can use the cards to heal. Each card bears a spiritual lesson as well as an interpretive value. When we embrace the spiritual message of each card, we have the opportunity to use that message to grow and heal. Tarot inspires our creativity, increases our intuition, and offers us opportunities for communication on the deepest levels. In all these ways and more, tarot is a profound tool for healing. How have you used the Tarot for healing? And what have been the results? Share your comments below.

See you all in our next session again. 

With Love & Light,

Katherine Goh


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