12th March 2016 Connective Session: Awakening Series : Self Inventory

A self-inventory report is a type of psychological test often used in personality assessment. A typical self-report inventory presents a number of questions or statements that may or may not describe certain qualities or characteristics of the test subject. 

I have goggled for a definition of Self Inventory though nothing come close to what we had done for Self-Inventory discussion in our last meetup.

Last gathering, Katherine uses a method which is a little similar to Self Inventory report but was totally verbal.  14 questions were asked verbally and everyone had to answer YES/NO/Others (Don’t know , Neutral , etc..) to the questions without much thinking. The objective is to find out where and what are the resistances to the participants.

From the feedback, we can then explore the “Blueprint of the Inner Consciousness’ of the person.

Prior to the gathering, each participants were asked to prepare their five important pillars in their life. The pillars can be but not limited to Materials Success , Love & Romance , Health & Well Being , Family and Spirituality. During the gathering, the participants were asked to place their Life Pillars freely for the use in a Self Inventory Layout Tarot Spread. From the spread, we can then be guided which pillars received the most & least resistance and how we can then navigate our energy patterns or frequency towards a positive setting for self -alignment.

Till our next gathering. Namaste Om!

Katherine Goh



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Katherine Goh

Just a simple singaporean gal who loves simplicity and highly appreciates nature and beauty in life. I love travelling to unique places, trekking, white-water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, caving , snorkeling, sailing and am wanting very much to learn wind-surfing giving the opportunities too. I'm a lover of Nature and am passionate to share my travel-folio. So I created a "connection" on these pages. Occasionally, i will "lost somewhere", meditate and connect with Mother Earth. Trust me its a very very refreshing and connecting experience every time. Someone who continously searching for a place on earth that truely takes my breath away.

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