Challenging Moments, Resilience Moments and Supportive Moments

My first Rock Climbing…FUN & CHALLENGING. I love it. And, most importantly, it taught me things that I apply to my everyday life.

Don’t let go. – If a climb seemed out of my reach, I let go and gave up instantly. I’ve learned that in order to succeed, letting go is not an option; fear and feelings of inadequacy are totally normal in anything new or challenging. And while I may fall in my attempt to get better, I never let go. I will remember this.

Trust my partner. My climbing partner can be the difference between life and death — literally. Just like real life relationships, no?

If you don’t succeed at first, try a new approach. In climbing, there’s usually more than one way to make it to the top. It teaches me to look at the problem in a new way.

Don’t let fear get the best of me. Height can be a challenge for me. Trust me, it can feel scary when you are up there loh.

It’s not always about making it to the top. OK, so in rock climbing, making it to the top is important, but how you get there counts for a lot. And that’s the point. Climbing, like life, is a small series of goals and individual problems that enable you to get to your final destination.

Stay Healthy Passionately,

Katherine Goh


2 thoughts on “Challenging Moments, Resilience Moments and Supportive Moments

  1. Hi Johnnie, thanks for reading my post. Yeah man…adventure is the spirit but i still believe to adventure safely. 🙂

    So when your next adventure. Let’s do something tgt…believe will be real fun !!!

    See ya soon.

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