It’s Called Gratitude…

We radiate a different kind of energy when we’re frowning and gloomy, as opposed to when we’re smiling and happy. Smiling is a sign saying, “Enter,” whereas frowning says, “Do Not Disturb.”

Many of us find it hard to smile because we’re consumed with what’s missing in our lives. If only we woke up every morning with the consciousness that everything we have is on loan, it would be much easier to smile.

Think about how much brighter our lives would be if we spent more time obsessing over gratitude rather than lack.

The Law of Attraction often states that having a heart filled with gratitude will attract positive energy,new opportunities, love,friendship, and possibly even wealth.

Today, ask yourself what are you grateful for? I find it best to write it down in a self-made gratitude book, but if its too troublesome, you can also say it out loud in front of the mirror every morning when you wake up. Thanks to technology, we have i-gratitude application, a digital gratitude book that we can digitally record our gratitude in our Iphone & Ipad too.

Smart people practice gratitude. Be the Smart Woman or Man Now.

Live our life to the Fullest,

Katherine Goh


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