16th Nov 2014 Connective Session: Conversations

“There is no coincidence, and nothing happens ‘by accident.’ Each event and adventure is called to your Self by your Self in order that you might create and experience Who You Really Are. All that is required is to know this. For you are the creator of your own reality, and life can show up in no other way for you than the way in which you think it will.” ~N. W

Thanks for your time with me last sunday. We had lots of “ahas” and “candy floss”. I loved connecting with all. I am grateful for these connections.

Our conversation with Universe:

1) Reference Idea/ Thought:  You are a human being

Connection: everything we do is an attempt to achieve a State of Being-ness.

BEingness, as we discussed has everything to do with creating your life experience. What I notice is that most have the formula backwards. Most attempt to create BEingness through either Doing or Having — if I do this or get that, I will then be the thing called happy. These two will not produce the long-term desired results simply because they are not the right tool for the job.

It truly is as Shakespeare said: “To Be or not To Be”! Remember that whatever your choice, life will comply and create the way to do and have that experience…so choose wisely!

I have explained further and with the exercises we did proven the above connecting idea.

2) Reference Idea/Thought: To want something is to push it away from you. – Want it, Waste It.

lets think of it this way- the Universe, is a great big Xerox machine. like a photocopier, it does not make judgements about what you put into it. It simply duplicates it.

I like to always say to myself and others: ” you are always praying”…. Think of it. Imagine it. How would you feel, what would you change if you lived within a paradigm which announced that every thoughts, word, deed is a prayer? Your statement are your requests. Thus, I said be careful what you ask for! 

Next class, we will continue our conversation with the lovable abundance universe and continue to expand our soul consciousness. 

Till our next sharing..



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Katherine Goh

Just a simple singaporean gal who loves simplicity and highly appreciates nature and beauty in life. I love travelling to unique places, trekking, white-water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, caving , snorkeling, sailing and am wanting very much to learn wind-surfing giving the opportunities too. I'm a lover of Nature and am passionate to share my travel-folio. So I created a "connection" on these pages. Occasionally, i will "lost somewhere", meditate and connect with Mother Earth. Trust me its a very very refreshing and connecting experience every time. Someone who continously searching for a place on earth that truely takes my breath away.

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