30th Nov 2014 Connective Session: I am Nobody

Grateful for your time with me at our last connective session. Another awesome reflective session.
The “Nobody” concept is a deep connection. In regards to the various important segments of our life, we dived in deep and decide if there is anything needed to change if we have nothing to do with our body, or pleasing, caring for, or protecting the body of another. 
Actually, your life is not about what your body is doing, yet what your body is doing is a reflection of what your life is all about. There is another way of saying that your body shows everyone what your life is about, but your life is not about what your body does.
Pause and reflect: if you make all your daily choices and decisions based on what it does for your body, you will wind up spending many years engaged in activities- what I call “doinging-ness”- having nothing to do with you soul. Your soul will feel empty. You will wonder what your life has been all about. The interesting thing about this is that no one else will care, no one is keeping score, no one is watching. No one even has a judgement about how it all turns out. Not even GOD. In the end, it’s just us and our Selves. Just us and Us.
Have a less resistance , more fluid days ahead.  Namaste!

Till our next connection….

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