June 2013 Connective Goal Setting Session – Family Relationships Blocks and Past Life Events

Dear Connectors,

Family Relationship Blocks 

June session we were privilege to find out what to look for during our family outings. In healthy family relationships, people are able to trust and rely on each other for support, love, affection and warmth. Families often share common goals and try to work together to reach those goals. However, sometimes these may not come easy. No matter how close family members are, there bound to have conflicts.

Conflict is a normal and healthy part of family life. For example, families often disagree over things like house rules, which holiday destinations, what food to have for dinner which TV shows to watch. Families are made up of individuals who will sometimes have different ideas, wants or needs. Conflict can occur at any time so it is important for families to have effective ways of managing it. Conflict itself is not a problem–but the way it is handled might be. When conflict is managed in positive ways, family relationships are strengthened. For example, agreeing that everyone gets to choose their favourite TV show that week and to take turns watching something they enjoy. When not dealt with effectively, conflict can be stressful and damaging to relationships.

In our June session, Katherine has provided some suggestions about how to strengthen family relationships so positive experiences outweigh difficult ones. When relationships are strong and healthy, they are better able to withstand the stress of challenging times and celebrate the positive experiences.

Building positive family relationships is about dealing with conflicts as well as making time to relax and do fun things together.

Past Life Events

In the second part of the session, Katherine went on to work on past life events for a participant- Mr A. (Name is masked for privacy of the client).

One method of recall of a past life is meditation. Our mind can be put into a meditative state, similar to hypnosis, where past life recall can occur. This meditative state is similar to yoga, where the distractions of the world are filtered out and one becomes more in tune with the inner self. You must totally relax, and clear the mind of any thought. It is when your mind is completely clear of all the clutter and distractions of the world that you will often be able to see clearly into your past life. This may come as a vision, a clear image. It may be a brief image, and you have no control over what you see. With this method you will probably only see a little at a time, a gradual disclosure. 

Till our next sharing session in July. 

Namaste Om,

With Love & Light,

Katherine Goh

P/S: Our next session is schedule on the 12th July at 4.30pm. See you all again.


May 2013 Connective Goal Setting Session – Twin Flame & Soul Mate

Dear Connectors,

In our last session, besides spending time to look and feel deeper on our monthly goals so that we can take Actions on our goals, we also entered into a Twin Flame and Soul Mate discussion.


There are things that our soul remembers when we incarnate, and the more we move along our path, we are given glimpses of memory through signs from the universe, through soul mate relationships and our internal guidance. You are reading this right now for a reason and it is up to you to decide why it is, what message you will take from this, as well as how you will incorporate it into your life. You could also decide to just take it in and release it…you are given free will and therefore never forced to do anything. You are the creator of your life masterpiece and it is all beautiful. 

I remembered watching a movie: Made In Heaven Movie – A Story of Twin Flame Reunion.

What Is A Twin Flame?

Twin Flame

Twin flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of our soul. We each have only one twin, and generally after being split the two went their separate ways, incarnating over and over to gather human experience before coming back together. Ideally, this happens in both of their last lifetimes on the planet so they can ascend together. So you probably haven’t had many lifetimes with your twin and it’s certainly useful to be aware of the twin flame signs.

Each twin is a complete soul, not half a soul. It is their task to become more whole, balancing their female and male sides, and ideally become enlightened, before reuniting with their twin. This reunion is of two complete and whole beings. All other relationships through all our lives could be said to be “practice” for the twin, the ultimate relationship.

What Is A Soulmate?

Soulmates are our soul family, the ones we do have many lifetimes and experiences with, who help us grow and evolve, create and dissipate karma. According to ancient wisdom, when the soul is “born” or descended from Source, it is created in a group. The souls in this group are our soulmates, ones who are very like us in frequency makeup. Then each of these souls is split into two, creating the twins.

A soulmate is someone you are close to at a soul level, and with whom you have had many shared experiences in different lifetimes, in various kinds of relationships — siblings, parent-child, best friend, as well as romantic relationships. There is a deep love for each other, and a spiritual bond that sets them apart from the superficiality of most other people in your life. Conversations are generally deep, about personal growth and service to make the world a better place. We can have many soulmates in our lives, and they come to us to help us grow spiritually.

Have I Meet My Twin?

Your chance of meeting and staying with your twin depends on how evolved your soul is, and how much of your baggage from this and past lives you have cleared. The biggest reason twins have to separate after coming together is their individual emotional baggage. Because in the presence of your twin, there can be nothing between you, nothing blocking your closeness. This means that everything comes up for healing that you haven’t previously healed. Everything!

When twins reunite, both of them experience an acceleration of their spiritual growth and awakening. They get on the fast track of learning about esoteric wisdom and experiencing other states of consciousness. They usually haven’t been together all that often during their series of lives on the planet, and so their backgrounds may be different. Yet, there is a closeness and similarities of spirit that are almost uncanny, noticed in many ways, such as looking back at yourself when you look at your mate, and a remembering of the distant past when you first split up. Guidance is strong with these relationships, and usually one or both have a good channel for communication with Spirit. Their connection is telepathic, and hugging each other is like coming home for nourishment.

Namaste Om,

With Love & Light,

Katherine Goh

P/S: Our next session is schedule on the 14th June at 4.30pm. See you all again.

April 2013 Connective Goal Setting Session – My Inner Goals

Are you continually setting goals for yourself, and working diligently to achieve them, only to be disappointed by the results? Or do you have trouble staying committed to your goals once you’ve set them, eventually abandoning them and becoming disillusioned by the whole process?

It’s very possible that you are focusing your awareness and your efforts on the wrong goals. What may seem to be your goals could likely be only crude and inexact materialistic representations of them. The fact is that every outside goal you have corresponds directly and inextricably to an inner goal. That inner goal is actually where the real substance of the goal resides. Yet when you focus solely on the outer goal, on the mere worldly representation of the goal, you can make it nearly impossible to achieve.

A key concept to realize is this. Your outer goal is not really what matters most to you, as wonderful as it may appear. What matters most is that inner goal. When that is achieved, you are already where you want to be. Most people assume that they must first achieve the outer goal in order to have the inner goal. Very rarely it happens that way, but, by many orders of magnitude, that approach is the most difficult, challenging, burdensome way to do it. There is a much easier, more joyful, more fulfilling, more life-affirming and natural way to do things.

In our April session, we once again work on our inner goals. There are two most effective tools Katherine uses to find out what your inner goals are. 

  1. Oracle Interpretation
  2. Meditation

Oracle Interpretation

Some people find such method superstitious or impractical. But in Katherine’s opinion, she finds that using oracle readings, do helped to guide us to our inner feelings. 

One of the previous post : Tarot Spread by Katherine Goh – Goal Spread share a tarot spread on finding your inner goals.

Question when using the deck: What’s my Inner Goals for April to May 2013? – How can i accomplish my inner goals?

Basic Goals Spread: This is a simple goal spread for more insights to the goals.

Daily Goal Spread


 I’ve found something that works for me.  It’s a variation of meditation. A visualization that focuses on ideal outcomes for goals I’ve set and am working toward achieving, challenges I’m facing, or on people I care about. Here’s how simple it can be: you at work in the middle of the day, sitting in your office chair, in your suit. Closing your eyes, or keeping them slightly open.  You can choose to follow your breath, counting each full inhalation and exhalation, until you reach ten breaths, and then allow your focus to shift to the first situation that needs attention. Any time you catch your mind wandering away, the clock ticking on the wall, the ringing phone, the traffic outside, your stomach growling, your foot itching, gently bring it back and focus on seeing a beautiful outcome for the situation you are choosing.

Archangel Michael Meditation

Just a quick exercise to ask Archangel Michael and God to help dissolve the energetic cords attached to a person, place or thing that no longer serve us. It will help you release fear, anger, resentment or anxiety and move on life with a positive heart. It will also helps you to dissolve blockages to attaining our inner goals.

Hope above information useful.

Namaste Om,

With Love & Light,

Katherine Goh

P/S: Our next session is schedule on the 17th May at 4.30pm. See you all again.

March 2013 Connective Goal Setting Session – Cycle of Life

Hello Goal-Setters,

Cycle of Life

When referring to giving and receiving, we are not mainly talking about giving and receiving of things, though of course that’s included. Giving includes such things as time, appreciation, listening, insight, “energy work”, and so on. We sum up all of these things as “energy”, because that’s about as generic as possible.

Giving and receiving are always happening at the same time – often in a very non linear way. As we give to another person (e.g., giving them a compliment), we’re at the same time giving to self by saying we appreciate this quality in ourselves. We’re also receiving a sort of feedback loop from another person as they truly receive it – this can be in the form of gratitude, or joy, or even the other person’s transformation. This last one is an extremely powerful feedback of energy. We all can grow and invite joy helping others grow. (Note: we don’t help others grow by ignoring our own growth at the expense of others!)

With Love & Light

Katherine Goh

P/S: Our next session is schedule on April 28th (Sunday) at 2-4 pm.

February 2013 Connective Goal Setting Session – Rounding Up

Hello Goal-Setters,

It was a very interesting sessions we had together last month. We did the Oracle Readings rounding up our learning so far. We had guidance from the Universe and our Guarding Angels. Thank You.


Thoughts on Soul Mate

Past life loves are a mystery that can be unravelled with study. They can provide insight and answers concerning the life that you are living now. The same is true with love. Love is a mystery that needs to be unfolded. The examination of your past life loves will offer you the keys to understand your current love life and others that will occur in the future.

Why does it matter what past loves you had?

They affect your current relationships. Relationships can be difficult. Especially if you find yourself in unhappy ones while others around you see happy and fine. Past hurts and negative relationships can impact how you are looking at relationships today, especially if you are still holding on to those feelings. The subconscious is a powerful entity and it is there that your past lives are stored. Periodically, depending on your perception, a piece of your past life emerges. If you were hurt in another life time or hurt someone else that you loved, the consequences of these actions have ripple effect on your life. This is a principle of karma.

I trust that our Past Life healing rituals brings some light to you and you are guided.

We shall meet again on March 13th at 4pm moving onwards to our next level of learning.

With Love & Light

Katherine Goh

P/S: Our next session is schedule on March 13th at 4pm.

Jan 2013 Connective Goal Setting Session – Freedom is Important


The pursuit of truth shall set you free – even if you never catch up with it

Hello Goal-Setters,

Welcome back. In January Session, we discussed and shared about Freedom – What’s makes you feel FREE?

Firstly, you need to know that when you feel free, you feel that your energy get’s lighter. 

Having freedom is part of our life goals. We want the freedom of time, the freedom of choices, etc….

What is freedom? Is it an absolute right? We are born to become free. Freedom is defined from different aspects ,and according to different cultures,freedom varies from culture to another.Some define freedom as a natural right,the human being is born with.Everyone wants to be free and independent from others.Freedom is the right to do what one wants,live where he wants,eat what he wants,learns what he wants,and chooses the religion in which he believes,without ignoring or harming other rights.

How can we live free? From my point of view, we can live free by respecting otherُs rights to live free too.We can not ignore the rights of people with whom we live in the society.We can not simply do what we want and ignore others.We must take other people rights into consideration. The idea behind freedom is to be respectful and useful to our society.Freedom is important to everyone.

We will catch back the next class in Feb 2013 for “rounding” up of our sessions before we moved onto the next level.

With Love & Light

Katherine Goh


December 2012 Connective Goal Setting Session – Its All about YOU!


No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth. Goals that are meaningless are not attained. There is no way to reach them, for the means by which you strive for them are meaningless as they are. Yet searching is inevitable here. For this you came, and you will surely do the thing you came for. But the world can not dictate the goal for which you search, unless you give it power to do so. 

Hello Goal-Setters,

This month we align ourselves by looking deep within. All the Results we see today is what we Created. As we worked around our Wheel of Light (as shown above), we know that we need the Power of Clarity.  We need to search within.

Energy Flow

People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates. 

Remember, Its all about YOU!

On a Financial Front:

  1. We need to establish our grounds – What are my talents? Form my Team.
  2. We need to Focus on ONE thing that we can add value to others. What is it? Focus on your area of expertise.

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us. ~~~Henry David Thoreau ~~~

See you all in 2013. Have a Blessed  X’Mas !

With Love & Light

Katherine Goh

P/S: Our next session is schedule on Jan 16h at 4pm.

November 2012 Connective Goal Setting Session: The Wheel: Light-Camera-Action

Hello Goal-Setters,

Our last session was refreshing and awakening. This is especially so when hidden information were presented to us to ponder, reflect and take positive action.

Those who attended definitely understood the Flow of Energy and Universe at work for us. 

A few stuffs to note:

  1. Parameters: Preferably to be Major cards 
  2. Events Row – Based on your DOB, reduce to single digits. (Pay special attention to corresponding numbers on deck and/or any major cards)
  3. Move according to the flow of Energy. “Think like Water; Feel like Ocean”


Taking action in your social circle means making the first step to improve your relationships. Do not wait for the other side to initiate it. If you already have a sense something could be better, and it always can, then it is your opportunity to do something about it. Do not try anything complicated. Simple, sincere approaches work the best. As they say: a kind word opens a heavy door. Be yourself – caring and considerate. Everyone needs understanding and support – the same as you. It is important to realize men need to feel responsible and women need to feel safe. In order to have a great personal relationship, give the other gender the opportunity to feel secure in these areas. So where do you fit in everyone else’s life? Just be yourself and share the wisdom you have gained from your own spiritual message and be the best example you can possibly be. Once you have clarified all of this, the only thing left is: lights, camera, action!

With Love & Light,

Katherine Goh

P/S: Our next session is schedule on Dec 5th at 4pm.

October 2012 Connective Goal Setting Session – Managing Relationship with Parents

Hello Goal-Setters,

Last class we have turned from Love for our partners to Love for our family. Sometimes, the challenge we faced in our love-life can be due to our deep connected wounds, fear, rejection or any negative feelings we received from our family members, especially our parents. 

Family relationships are the foundation of your life. They provide you with some of your greatest growth opportunities as you are challenged to be better parents, spouses and Children.

 Here are a few tips on how to manage any future challenges you may face as a family:

1. Be patient.

In love and in any relationship, patience is very necessary. It takes time for people to learn, grow and change. So whether it’s you, your spouse, your parents or one of your children who is struggling the most, everyone in the family needs to give that person, and the family as a whole, time to grow. People are often quick to throw in the towel or assume that something can’t be resolved, but when it comes to marriage, parenthood, Child-hood you owe it to yourself and your family members to give your relationships time to blossom.

2. Be creative.
Eventually, everyone struggles in their relationships and wonders what to do next. Often people assume a situation can’t be changed because what they tried didn’t work, when in fact, they still need to try something else. You have to be creative when it comes to thinking of new solutions to problems with your spouse, your parents or your children. Different things work for different people. So when one strategy doesn’t work, try another, until you find the one that works for you.

3. Be realistic.
Be aware that many of the problems discussed here are totally common and normal. Family life is full of unique challenges.So be realistic about the fact that you are always going to be “working” on some issue and facing some sort of obstacle. If you have a strong and loving family, you will understand and know that you can overcome each obstacle as it comes.

Life is not a destination, it’s a journey, and your family is that group of people who will travel the distance with you. As with all things, change is the only constant, so you will always be working to try new approaches and make things better. Embrace that challenge! Make your family relationships as strong as you can because at different times during the journey, you may struggle, and they can be the ones who will help you back up and keep you going (and you can do the same for them).

Hug it out!
My questions to you: What family relationship have you repaired recently? How did you reconnect?

I shall leave you with my favourite quote: 

“I’ve learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you’ll miss them when they’re gone from your life.” 

With Love & Light

Katherine Goh